Eco Friendly Cleaners

Household cleaners that are safe for the whole family.
Use around pets, kids and even the kitchen.

When it comes to buying eco friendly cleaning products, there are a lot more choices available to consumers today than a decade ago. At Life’s Abundance, we’ve sold our Bio-Base cleaning products for more than a decade, because our customers were as much interested in cleaning products safe for pets as they were interested in eco friendly cleaners. If you’re searching for environmentally safe cleaners that are also pet safe cleaning products, we offer two amazing all-purpose cleaners. Our environmentally friendly cleaners, Bio-Base Floorwash and Bio-Base Biodeodorizer Spray are nontoxic to pets cleaning products. So, whether you’re hunting for safe floor cleaners for dogs or safe cleaning products for cats, we’ve got your needs covered. We even market a stainless steel odor remover that can be used time and time again, which is great for the environment.