Premium dog food formulas

4 dogs laying in field after playing 4 dogs laying in field after playing

Premium dog food

The Same Love.

Premium dog food with a taste they love.
Packed with nutrition and wholesome ingredients so you know you have made the healthiest choice for your dog’s diet.


Our premium foods PLUS the additional nutrients provided by our Wellness Supplement for Dogs. This combination provides full spectrum nutrition for your best friend that simply can't fit in a nugget of food. They think the tablet is a treat, but that can be our little secret.


An assortment of our premium products chosen by pet professionals, designed to get your dog off to a great start on their road to better health.

Shopping for dog food can be time-consuming and confusing. Fortunately, you came to the right place. Whether you’re looking for the best foods for large breed puppies, the best dog food to lose weight or if you’re trying to avoid specific dog food allergens, we’ve got the details you need. Maybe you’ve heard about our holistic dog foods. Or maybe you saw us in a list of Best Dog Food Brands. Or maybe you’re just trying to decide for yourself, what is the best dog food? We want you to know that our brand doesn’t just mean safe dog food, it also means premium dog food and it means healthy dog food. No matter the formula, every Life’s Abundance dog food on this page represents the best we have to offer. For example, our best puppy foods are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all life stages! To help you decide what’s the best grain free dog food or the best canned dog food for seniors, use our handy charts to compare dog foods and see how we measure up the competition.