Healthy Start Pack for Cats

Healthy Start Pack
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  • All Life Stage Cat Food & Wellness Food Supplement
  • Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Food
  • Gourmet Cat Treats for Healthy Skin & Coat

With the Life’s Abundance Healthy Start Pack for Cats, you’ll establish a solid nutritional foundation and premium care for your cat or kitten.

  • One 6.6 lb. bag of Life’s Abundance All Life Stage Cat Food – Our premium, veterinarian-formulated kibble features select ingredients to help your cat achieve and maintain optimum health.
  • One bottle of Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement – These savory nuggets provide a wide variety of nutritious ingredients in a superior formula created to enhance your cat’s daily diet.
  • One 4 oz. bag of Life’s Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats for Healthy Skin & Coat – These tasty treats contain nutrients to help your cat maintain healthy skin and a strong, resilient coat.
  • One 32 oz. spray bottle of Life’s Abundance BioDeodorizer - Eliminate odors from pet beds and pet accidents on carpet and grout, and litter boxes. Non-toxic and fully biodegradable.

Best wishes to you and your furry feline for many years of health and happiness!

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My cat loves this food and she is very picky and would only want to eat unhealthy food with lots of dyes and wheat.
35 days ago
After all 38 years,making my dog food,trying everything I've feel that now life's Abundance is the best and supplement, are the very best for my dogs. My cats also are also doing great and love to eat ,have in proved In all areas. Im greatful for the hard work done to now have the best for my fur family. And finding so much more to Life's Abundance. Thank you everyone Kimberli Pipes
74 days ago
Very comprehensively and ethically responsible health-oriented company and food! The dry kibble may be a little too firm in texture for a young kitten to eat, however
265 days ago
We are very happy with these products! Our new kitten loves them and we feel great knowing they’re high quality and healthy.
270 days ago
It was a good value and as a first time user of your products it gave me the opportunity to try a variety of products.
747 days ago
My new Bengal kitten loves this food.
749 days ago
Healthy options and the kitty loves it. I feel happy knowing that my kitty is getting one of the best options out there.
835 days ago
Excellent quality!
914 days ago
It's been great for my new kitten! He loves the wet food. I'm just frustrated now since you say the cans won't be available until September now. I don't need the whole package again (have ordered it 2x) so will have to switch to a new food for him.
1091 days ago
I am a new consumer, buying on the recommendation of my breeder. While the quality is very good and my kittens eat it with gusto, I am concerned about the availability of the canned product. I do not want to switch my kittens to something new but I may be forced to do so if the shortage continues.
1116 days ago
Tasty, healthy, my kitten loves the dry food, can’t get enough.
1124 days ago
My Breeder to my Silver Shaded Chinchilla Persian highly recommended Life's Abundance starter pack as this is what she feeds all of her Persians. I also ordered the Fish Oil supplement to add to her diet. I am extremely pleased with the product. The Auto reorder is easy, simple and fast. I was very impressed that I received the order within 2 days! My Baby Persian loves the Turkey treats as well as the Wellness food supplement! She comes running when she hears the bottle rattle. I use to reward her when I am Training her for good behavior or reward her after the daily Grooming sessions to renforce good behavior. I highly recommend Life's Abundance on FB groups to other cat owners.
1151 days ago
We really like the products. We do wish you could possibly create some more canned food flavors for our somewhat finnicky cat.
1167 days ago
This is the Only food I fed my Persian cat since she was born highly recommended by the breeder. My cat is healthy and never over weight love this product and will purchase this for the rest of her life span.
1180 days ago
This package is complete will save you money.
1221 days ago
This is a great product.
1236 days ago
Excellent service and trusted food products.
1258 days ago
My cat loves this food and shades less!
1768 days ago
My cat Oreo loves Life's Abundance. She looks so good and her overall demeanor is so much better..
1776 days ago
This is definitely a Bang for the Buck!
2233 days ago
Perfect intro to the pet products. Plus it comes with the deodorizer which I might night have tried otherwise, but is actually one of my favorite products.
2839 days ago
I purchase this for my cats
2940 days ago
I have raised and showed first German Shepherd Dogs and now Persian cats. I do not feed anything to my dogs and cats except for Life's Abundance products. Life's Abundance has a safety track record that surpasses any other pet food company out there. I love these starter packets. I buy one for each of my kitten buyers so that way they can continue to feed a premium food ensuring that their kitty will remain healthy and live a long life. All my kitten clients stay on the Life's Abundance foods and supplements.
2992 days ago
Great way to get you kitten off to the best start possible. Price break getting it all in one shot helps too!
3003 days ago