Holiday Cat Gift Box

Holiday Cat Gift Box
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  • Full size bag of Gourmet Cat Treats
  • Full size bag of Freeze Dried Turkey Hearts
  • Full size bottle of our Wellness Food Supplement
  • Can of Pork & Duck Cat Food
  • Super fun and whimsical toys
  • $44.50 Retail Value!
Purring isn’t limited to cats with this gift. Pet parents are bound to purr an appreciative “thank you”. Cats live for the yumminess of the treats and thrive on the supplements. That would normally be enough, but we’ve also added enticing toys. They’re bound to encourage curiosity, engagement and feline delight. Everything comes in an attractive gift box– when empty, in typical feline fashion, don’t be surprised if you see a cat snuggled happily within.

What’s in the bundle?

  • Gourmet Cat Treats
  • Wellness Cat Supplements
  • Freeze-Dried Turkey Heart Treats
  • 2 Jingle Ball Toys
  • 1 Catnip-infused plush toy (styles vary)
  • A $43 retail value
These little gift packages are a fun treat for pets and their families! =)
1127 days ago
I gave this as a gift for a friend with newly adopted cats. All seemed to enjoy the fun.
2146 days ago
Got this for friends for Christmas!
2154 days ago
The recipient of this basket absolutely LOVED the thoughtfulness, and both of his cats had a real 'treat' with this gift basket! I'll be purchasing more of these holiday gift baskets this coming list is getting longer each year!
2349 days ago
Gave these to my grandkids cats. They loved the gift baskets.
2426 days ago
My cats love the treats, supplements and canned food! I have Maine Coons and they have lots of hair yet in the 4 yrs I have feed this only I dont see hairballs and they look great. They enjoyed the toys in the Holiday gift and I loved the mug!! I bought a few for friends and they also thought they were wonderful.
2454 days ago
I purchase these Holiday gifts and donate them to our Cat Club Cat Show held annually in December. Our club holds a raffle and these Holiday Gift Packs for Cats are a big drawn to the spectators coming to the show.
2458 days ago
We absolutely love this gift. We bought several for the holidays.
2468 days ago
This was a great basket for Christmas giving.
2469 days ago