Pork Bully Sticks

Beef Recipe Snack Sticks
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  • Free-range, grass-fed buffalo
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Help reduce tartar and maintain dental health
  • Product of India
Tired of finding chewed-up shoes or nibbled sofa cushions? Redirect your puppy’s natural passion for chewing with our Pork Bully Sticks! These additive-free sticks aren’t your average chew - they're flavorful, wholesome and made especially for your dog’s chompers. More than a tasty distraction, these sticks come packed with dental health benefits.

These wholesome dog treats…

  • Thin sticks are perfectly sized for small dogs and puppies
  • Help reduce tartar and maintain dental health
  • Contain no additives or preservatives
  • Provide a rewarding chewing experience
  • Introduce wholesome pork into their diet
Try a pack today and you’ll notice a happier dog with a healthier smile!

Pork pizzle.

Pork Chew Treats Quality Assurance

We understand how much you care about what goes into your dog's diet! Choosing the right treats for your dog can feel daunting, especially when diving into the details of safety and quality. But here's our promise: Your pet's well-being is at the heart of every treat we create.

While most of our ingredient suppliers and manufacturers are based in the U.S., the quality and safety of a product isn’t as simple as its country of origin. These additive-free Pork Bully Sticks are produced in Argentina, but that’s not the whole story.

Our vendor proudly holds certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a trusted name that ensures only the highest safety practices are followed.They’re also regularly inspected by Senasa (The National Food Safety and Quality Service of Argentina), Argentina's leading food safety agency, making sure everything is top-notch.

When it comes to our pork bully sticks, we go the extra mile for your furry friend. They're also tested to be free from e.coli, salmonella, and yeast and mold. For an added level of safety, these chews are irradiated to prevent food-borne illnesses - a trusted process that’s been given a nod by the FDA for over 30 years! This method is also endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

You can be confident that our Pork Bully Sticks are free of any additives and are a tail-waggingly good choice for your pup's health!

My boys love them
92 days ago
My puppy absolutely loved these pork bully sticks, I highly recommend!!
96 days ago
Our puppy really likes them.
106 days ago
Puppy loves them!
107 days ago
Our puppy loved these!
120 days ago
Our dogs loves these bully sticks. They are great treats that keeps him occupied. Easy digestion.
130 days ago
I have bought other bully sticks and they stink so bad. These don’t smell at all and my puppy loves them!
131 days ago
My puppy absolutely loves these!
146 days ago
My Sadie loves these!
149 days ago
The best product 👌
152 days ago
Safe treat for all ages.
157 days ago
She likes them but they are too thin I'm afraid they will get caught in her throat.
163 days ago
My puppy loves these!!!!!!
168 days ago
My puppies just love these Pork Bully Sticks.
178 days ago
My dog loves Pork Bully Sticks!
181 days ago
This is the only chew my Yorkie will take. I need to buy 10 bags at a time.
190 days ago
The puppy loves these chew sticks
190 days ago