Life's Abundance Cat Food

Let’s give them something
to purr about


There is nothing more catastrophic than finding out there are undesirable ingredients in your cat’s products. We aren’t driven by any fads or gimmicks so you’ll get the assurance of knowing exactly what you are giving to your precious feline friend.

Elevated standards

You want to give your kitty the nutrients they need! From our uniquely formulated food to treats to supplements, you can feel confident knowing you are giving your cat more than just the essentials. We use nothing but high-quality ingredients for optimal cat health.


You and your cat deserve a purr-fect experience, so we vow to deliver you the absolute best, all while considering sustainability! As an employee-owned company, we are involved in every part of the process from formulation to shipping directly to your door.

You love your purring, pouncing cat and want to give them the healthiest
and happiest life possible. As pet lovers ourselves, we understand
that! We want to help you give your kitty the care they
deserve with our cat products that are formulated
with both you and your feline friend in mind.

Don't just take it from us

470 days ago

Rex has been on your cat food since he was born…..And he told us that he LOVES it!!!!

505 days ago

Small batches and the cats love it! We've been using this food since they were kittens and they're over 5 now with stellar health records.

529 days ago

My 18 year old cat has been enjoying these treats for many years and has not had any problems with hair balls! The treats work wonders!

Uniquely formulated, complete and tasty nutrition


Creating complete formulas for cats is an art form. Down to the last micronutrient, each ingredient we’ve selected was chosen for more than just its overall benefit, but also for the way it interacts with other ingredients to nourish the body and all its complex systems.


Made right, truly healthful cat food addresses every part of the body, inside and out. With an emphasis on gut health, including species-specific probiotics, our deeply nourishing foods support your cat’s overall wellness for a difference you will see and they will feel.


Our employee-owners watch over every product until it begins its journey to you from one of our facilities. Made in frequent batches, you can trust that our rigorously developed and thoroughly tested foods will give your cat the bountiful nutrition you’ve been seeking.

Tasty treats with a purr-pose

Treat and reward them with love

From the moment your kitty hears you open the bag of one of our beg-worthy cat treats, they will come leaping out of their trusty cardboard box. Not only will they absolutely adore the savory taste (and you, of course), but they will also enjoy the benefits of the essential minerals and nutrients in each nourishing morsel.


Of the hundreds of recipes we’ve tested over the years only a select handful have risen to the top as being worthy of your cat. Whatever your feline’s preferences, you’re sure to find their joy among our unique cat treats.

With purpose

Address your precious cat’s nutritional needs with a savory snack! Our targeted treat recipes have been formulated with tasty flavors for even the most finicky felines. Like sneaking veggies into a kid’s smoothie, give your kitty the boost they need, deliciously!

No fillers

No artificial colors, flavors or scary preservatives. This is important because treats are often loaded with ingredients you would never knowingly give your family. With treats made from real food and important nutrients, you have the green light to embrace treat time in a healthy way!

Optimal feline health

Superior supplements for their nutritional needs

You should be able to give your cat their essential nutrients in an easy way to help them live their healthiest life. From ultra-pure fish oils sourced from freshly harvested anchovies, sardines and mackerel to general wellness, our unique formulas meet their unique needs. These supplements will give your kitty exactly what they need for a full day of chasing their toy mouse (and hopefully not a real one).


Our focused supplements are designed to support their muscles and joints, skin and coat, brain health or overall wellness. The coverage typical supplements offer is limited, like going out in a downpour wearing one rainboot. Our supplements are formulated holistically which provides the nutritional equivalent of a raincoat, umbrella and both boots.


Each of the ingredients in our cat supplements strategically work hand-in-hand with the others to support your feline’s needs. Paired with a healthy diet, your favorite four footer will be equipped with the nutrition they need to be at their best.


Feeding a supplement shouldn’t be a struggle - yes, we’ve been there too. All of our supplements for cats have a delectable flavor from natural ingredients they’ll love! Both tablet and liquid varieties are designed with pet parents in mind and include easy feeding features. Plus, we steer clear of fillers, additives, and artificial flavors or colors so that both you and your kitty have a rewarding experience.

Cat grooming and home care

Nothing less than the royal treatment

Cats may be masters at self grooming, but in fact, they can benefit from special care too! With our line of cat grooming products, you will be equipped with what you need to take care of your pet beyond their normal routine. Safe, convenient, and never irritating, your cat will be feeling and looking imperially impeccable.

Fresh and fluffy

Enjoy the aroma and peace of mind of safe products. Thanks to the botanical blends in our formulas, your cat will enjoy the benefit of nutrients and antioxidants. Experience a luxuriously soft coat, and refreshing fragrance that everyone will love.

Soothes and protects

Gentle and clean ingredients help nourish your cat’s coat without stripping away their natural protective layer. Our products are a delicate yet effective solution that works wonders for skin and coat conditioning, and even odor control.

Safe and effective

It’s no secret that the products we use on and around our feline friends will end up in their body. That’s why we created products that are not only safe for your pet but also for the planet. Even our home care products are biologically based with a neutral pH, so when your cat stretches out on the floor, you feel confident they are not coming into contact with harsh chemical cleaners.