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Your search for a clean, eco-friendly, and thoughtful brand is over. As health conscious people ourselves, we understand the desire to find effective products that are truly safe and healthy. Certain ingredients just don’t belong in your home or your body. With Life’s Abundance, you’ll discover everything you need to empower your overall wellness journey, while embracing sustainable living.

Your search for a clean, eco-friendly, and thoughtful brand is over. With Life’s Abundance, you’ll discover everything you need so you can simply focus on your overall wellness and sustainable living.

21 days ago

This product smells delicious goes on light and does not have a strange after feel. It makes my skin feel soft it smells good and I don’t have to wash my hands after applying it. I highly recommend it I love it

89 days ago

This is great lotion. It absorbs and moisturizes quickly. My skin is so soft after using it and it smells really good.

228 days ago

It makes my skin very soft and smells amazing.

393 days ago

Me encanta la humectacion que da a mis manos

433 days ago

Great lotion!

443 days ago

I love love the smell and creaminess of the lotion. I don’t want to be without it!

520 days ago

Your body lotion is amazing. In only the first use it began to make a difference in the smoothness of my skin. It goes on quickly and actually is absorbed, doesn’t just stay wet and smear on top like others. It only has a hint of fragrant smell which is great too. I’ve been showing and telling others how wonderful it is. Thank you for this lotion.

530 days ago

Feels smooth and absorbed well.

540 days ago

I am 82yrs young and since I started using the body lotion I can't be without it. For the firs t time in all these years I have a silky body

574 days ago

I love the smell and creaminess!

607 days ago

Love this lotion! Soft scent!

724 days ago

Love the fragrance. Happy that my skin doesn’t seem as dry with this cream.

726 days ago

I have used all kinds of products and this is tbe best.

853 days ago

Applies smoothly

857 days ago

Love the smell!

905 days ago

Best lotion I’ve found.

980 days ago

Me and my husband both use it for our dry hands. This lotion makes a difference fast. Great product

982 days ago

Great, smooth texture, yummy scent!

983 days ago

Feels nice, but scent is a bit strong for me.

987 days ago

Love this lotion it doesn't feel greasy, and it goes on smooth and penetrates my dry skin. I've been using it over a year and I really like it. I will be ordering more.

999 days ago

Works great on my skin!!! It instantly smooths and softens dry skin!

999 days ago

Great product, a little goes a long way .

1010 days ago

Wonderful for my aging extra dry skin. Doesn't take a lot of lotion to smoothe the skin

1013 days ago

Smells great and soaks into skin immediately. Leaves my skin so soft and emollient!

1014 days ago

It makes my skin feel so soft.

1034 days ago

Love this lotion. Makes your skin soft and smooth, NOT greasy.

1090 days ago

Smooths my dry cracked hands without an oily residue.

1104 days ago

great ingredients!

1108 days ago

very nice.

1181 days ago

This is one of my favorite products I love the way It smells and feels.

1201 days ago

My wife loves this lotion, smells very nice, goes on smoothly and is not greasy or heavy feeling. Highly recommend !

1214 days ago

I have sensitive skin so this lotion is great for my skin. It goes on easy and doesn’t burn my skin at all! It’s smell so nice too.

1218 days ago

I love this!

1226 days ago

The scent is a little too strong for me

1227 days ago

Not greasy, rubs in well, and softens my skin!

1306 days ago

Love the body lotion

1335 days ago

I like that the smell isn’t too strong and it has never left my nose itching like some other lotions do. I also love that because the smell is a little less I can add essential oils to my lotion (like lavender, when I have a sunburn) it makes a great carrier. It also leaves my skin feeling wonderful and smooth.

1489 days ago

i like how it feels

1501 days ago

Finally, something to put on my skin that's not full of scary chemicals!

1502 days ago

This body lotion works amazing! My hands feel so much softer and have had no dry skin this winter, which is a huge bonus!

1516 days ago

I love it! I’m so excited to finally find a body lotion that is all organic and has no harmful ingredients! It smells good and works!!

1543 days ago

Best lotion I have found yet. I wash my hands a lot so a good lotion is a must. Smells so fresh and natural and leaves my hands super moisturized!

1544 days ago

Lightly fragrant, good results!

1630 days ago

I have been using the LA body lotion for a month now and can't stop talking about it. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin so soft. It smells amazing too!

1630 days ago

Love the smell and texture of this body lotion, no oily residue, leaves the skin soft and hydrated!

1637 days ago

Creamy, luxurious, has a wonderful scent. This lotion absorbs into my skin to leave it soft and smooth. Have been looking for products that it are made with organic ingredients. I love this new lotion.

1639 days ago

Pleasant, light scent. Glides on easily and soaks in. Great for sensitive and dry skin.


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Clean beauty means more than plant-powered organics. For us, reducing your exposure to toxins is just as important as delighting you with effective skin care. Exceeding your expectations is just the beginning.

Some companies do not have the ability or desire to test for contaminants. We start with trusted suppliers who do rigorous screening of their own. Then, we add our own layer of testing to verify that what’s in the bottle, jar or bar will benefit your wellbeing to the fullest.

Purity testing is just one element of the care and attention that you can expect from us.


Your relationship with your skin is personal. We understand the irritations that come with searching for products that actually work for your complexion and that you can feel good about.

Now, it’s your turn to start using skin care products that produce real results, are formulated to be gentle for all skin types, and are made with pure, organic ingredients. Take your clean routine to the next level and experience the power of nature.

Welcome to the complexion-nourishing lifestyle of Life’s Abundance skin care.



Imagine a revitalizing, luxurious self care experience complete with a pure, rich lather and no hint of drying or harmful ingredients. That’s right! We kept the lather you love but ditched those harsh chemical agents. It’s time to upgrade your daily rituals in a way that will meet your need for effectiveness and your desire for sustainability. Our clean body products are not only made with organic, plant-based ingredients but are also free of the icky stuff that puts the planet in a sticky situation.