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Your search for a clean, eco-friendly, and thoughtful brand is over. As health conscious people ourselves, we understand the desire to find effective products that are truly safe and healthy. Certain ingredients just don’t belong in your home or your body. With Life’s Abundance, you’ll discover everything you need to empower your overall wellness journey, while embracing sustainable living.

Your search for a clean, eco-friendly, and thoughtful brand is over. With Life’s Abundance, you’ll discover everything you need so you can simply focus on your overall wellness and sustainable living.

494 days ago

Excellent! Tried a sample through a friend and I was hooked. It has become a staple in my make-up routine!

495 days ago

I love it. It’s gentle but works. And I love the fragrance.

820 days ago

Smells amazing and has really made a difference in my skin. I love this stuff!


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Clean beauty means more than plant-powered organics. For us, reducing your exposure to toxins is just as important as delighting you with effective skin care. Exceeding your expectations is just the beginning.

Some companies do not have the ability or desire to test for contaminants. We start with trusted suppliers who do rigorous screening of their own. Then, we add our own layer of testing to verify that what’s in the bottle, jar or bar will benefit your wellbeing to the fullest.

Purity testing is just one element of the care and attention that you can expect from us.


Your relationship with your skin is personal. We understand the irritations that come with searching for products that actually work for your complexion and that you can feel good about.

Now, it’s your turn to start using skin care products that produce real results, are formulated to be gentle for all skin types, and are made with pure, organic ingredients. Take your clean routine to the next level and experience the power of nature.

Welcome to the complexion-nourishing lifestyle of Life’s Abundance skin care.



Imagine a revitalizing, luxurious self care experience complete with a pure, rich lather and no hint of drying or harmful ingredients. That’s right! We kept the lather you love but ditched those harsh chemical agents. It’s time to upgrade your daily rituals in a way that will meet your need for effectiveness and your desire for sustainability. Our clean body products are not only made with organic, plant-based ingredients but are also free of the icky stuff that puts the planet in a sticky situation.