Helping To Rescue Neglected & Unwanted Animals

Life's Abundance non-profit arm, The Dr. Jane Foundation, is an organization absolutely committed to supporting a variety of animal rescue groups, all of which are dedicated to helping to rescue neglected and unwanted animals.

Every time you purchase a Life's Abundance product, a portion of the profits are contributed to a fund that supports the operations of this organization. Thank you so much for your continued business! Together, we’re making a positive difference in the world, one animal at a time.

We’ve given awards to numerous worthy rescue groups, some of which are listed below. If you belong to a rescue in need of financial assistance, we encourage you to download this MS Word application form  and submit to our Board of Directors for consideration.

Award given on 01/15/2020

A Doggie 4 You

A Doggie 4 You
With a forecast 660 adoptions this year, it could be easy to get mired down in the day-to-day work required to rescue, care for and place so many animals. Instead, this worthy group from Texas, A Doggie 4 You, is looking to the future and planning to expand their kennel capacity, and thereby expand their already impressive number of annual adoptions. Funds from their grant will be applied to their capital campaign and the addition of 50 new kennel runs.
Award given on 01/15/2020

Animal Justice League

Animal Justice League
The Animal Justice League in Houston, Texas offers a variety of much-needed support services for animals, and their families. Running on the love, sweat and cheers of a 100% volunteer workforce, this organization offers adoption, animal transport to other rescues, quarterly free microchipping and ever-important spay/neuter assistance. Grant funds awarded will support their community spay/neuter initiatives.
Award given on 01/15/2020

Cherokee County Texas Spay Neuter

Cherokee County Texas Spay Neuter
Supporting their rural community, Cherokee County Texas Spay Neuter, is tackling pet overpopulation and neglect one surgery at a time. This fledgling group is filling a great need within the county which has no other low cost spay neuter resource, and where abandoning pregnant or nursing dogs is all too common. The Foundation grant will be applied directly to community spay and neuter surgeries.
Award given on 01/15/2020

Goochland Community Cats

Goochland Community Cats
Community and feral cat colony management is a long term commitment requiring daily care and attention. Goochland Community Cats in Virginia is an all-volunteer group, demonstrating exemplary colony management and TNVR practices. Their approach and efforts will have a lasting impact on their community and the cats in their care. Our grant will support the spay and neuter of community and feral cats.
Award given on 01/15/2020

Laber of Love Pet Rescue

Laber of Love Pet Rescue
Everyone loves the sweet gray muzzle of a senior dog. Unfortunately, like dogs of all ages, seniors end up in animal shelters or rescue groups. Laber of Love Pet Rescue in Ohio focuses their efforts on providing a last loving home and compassionate Fospice care to dogs that find themselves in this situation. We awarded this fantastic group a grant to support the very great need for Fospice care that they fill.
Award given on 01/15/2020

Newborn Kitten Rescue

Newborn Kitten Rescue
Among the many encouraging trends in the animal shelter and rescue is the ability for groups to specialize. Newborn Kitten Rescue in Arizona is carrying on the nursery work that is so critical for very young, motherless kittens. They partner with their area shelter to provide round-the-clock care as kittens recover from a myriad of illnesses and conditions, not the least of which is that they are simply so very vulnerable. We are pleased to support the intensive and passionate work of this organization with grant funding for their much needed supplies.
Award given on 01/15/2020

The Puppy Mamma Rescue

The Puppy Mamma Rescue
This Arizona-based rescue’s name speaks for itself - The Puppy Mamma Rescue. Volunteers provide pregnant and nursing dogs with the safe, loving and stable environment they need in order for these furry little families to thrive. In addition, these home-based fosters offer important socialization puppies, as well as their mothers while they look for permanent, loving homes. The Puppy Mama’s grant award will be used to fund the myriad of supplies and medical needs of this special population.
Award given on 01/15/2020

Unbreakabull Pitbull Rescue of Minnesota

Unbreakabull Pitbull Rescue of Minnesota
Founded by a veteran animal rescuer, Unbreakabull Pitbull Rescue of Minnesota has a great track record for successful foster program, resulting in nearly 100 adoptions last year. They are true advocates for this terrier-infused breed group and are taking steps toward being able to take dogs that are traditionally harder to adopt, such as seniors or those with medical needs. Funding awarded to Unbreakbull will help fund their growth.
Award given on 10/23/2019

Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue

Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue
This Arizona non-profit organization has blossomed in the nine years since its founding, thanks to the efforts of its volunteers and donors. A compassionate and dedicated network of foster families house, train, and rehabilitate around 100 dogs each year. Some of the foster volunteers are professional dog trainers, an important tool for this beloved and adorable high-energy breed. To learn more about this group and their growing adoption and volunteer opportunities, visit
Award given on 10/23/2019

Cats Alive!SLV

Cats Alive!SLV
Cats in rural Colorado have a voice thanks to this small, but exceptional group. With the nearest veterinarian 60 miles away, Cats Alive!SLV organizes and funds spay/neuter clinics, TNVR and colony management, as well as adoptions through their family pet and barn cat programs. This life-saving work also helps to raise awareness within the community about compassionate care for these animals. Find more information about this group at
Award given on 10/23/2019

Humane Society of Dover-Stewart County

Humane Society of Dover-Stewart County
With no animal shelter or rescue group serving Dover and Stewart Counties in Tennessee, a group of volunteers came together nearly 30 years ago to change that. Today, they are still the lone animal rescue within these Tennessee counties and are responsible for nearly 300 cat and dog adoptions each year. With no facility to call their own, these fortunate animals are cared for in foster homes until they are ready for their forever family. You can learn about this organization through their Facebook page at HumaneSocietyDover.
Award given on 10/23/2019

Looking Glass Animal Rescue

Looking Glass Animal Rescue
This volunteer-based rescue located in Connecticut takes in animals from crowded shelters, hoarding situations, puppy mills and fighting rings. Often, these dogs require immediate medical care, sometimes training, but they always need love and compassion. This is exactly what they receive while in the care of welcoming foster families. Well-organized and serving more animals and adoptive families each year, Looking Glass Animal Rescue can be found online at
Award given on 10/23/2019

Our Lil’ Bit of Heaven

Our Lil’ Bit of Heaven
Serving as both a rescue and a sanctuary, this Indiana-based group serves vulnerable dogs in the Midwest. Open to all breeds, ages and health states, OLBH places dogs into capable, loving, lifelong homes. Foster families and their sanctuary facility serve as healing stopover points in these dog’s journeys into their new home. See available dogs at
Award given on 10/23/2019

Southern States Rescued Rottweilers

Southern States Rescued Rottweilers
Southern States Rescued Rottweilers is a small but mighty group of devoted Rottie-lovers spans an impressive fourteen states. Serving as advocates for individual dogs and the stately Rottweiler breed as a whole, they provide physical, emotional and behavioral support to the fortunate dogs in their care. See all Rottweilers and Rottweiler mixes available on their website at
Award given on 10/23/2019

Westfield Homeless Cat Project

Westfield Homeless Cat Project
The amazing volunteers of Westfield Homeless Cat Project provide care and shelter to approximately 800 homeless cats and kittens in Western Massachusetts each year. The long-term goal of this group is to grow their facility to help them extend their geographical reach and assist even more cats. Learn more about this worthy organization through their Facebook page, westfieldhomelesscatprojectadoptions.
Award given on 07/10/2019

CAMO Rescue

CAMO Rescue
CAMO Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue group located in Houston, Texas that works to save dogs in overcrowded shelters through action and education. Their main goals are to rescue dogs from homelessness and find them forever homes. They also educate the community about the importance of spaying, neutering, and the vaccination of pets. CAMO is a no-kill rescue that operates on donations, volunteers and a small group of foster homes.

Our financial award will help pay for veterinary bills, rehabilitation and medical procedures. To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 07/10/2019

Fences For Fido

Fences For Fido
This group based out of northwest Oregon helps add comfort, safety and medical care to dogs that have a family, but whose only living space is the backyard. The volunteer labor force builds fences and insulated dog houses to provide these companions with freedom of movement and a safe, warm environment. They also spay and neuter and provide critical vet care, all at no cost. Over the past 9 years, Fences for Fido has unchained over 1,600 dogs in Oregon and Washington! In 2014, the organization was instrumental in the passage of Oregon’s first anti-tethering law, which restricts the amount of time a dog can be left on a chain.

Our financial grant will fund emergency veterinary care for dogs who have received a fence. To learn more about this organization, visit
Award given on 07/10/2019

Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation

Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation
This non-profit organization provides wheelchairs for dogs in need. The animal gets to use the cart free of charge until the cart is no longer needed. Then the cart is sent back to the foundation where they prepare it for the next animal who needs it. The organization was born when founder Jason Parker’s black lab Gunnar was hit by a car and lost the use of his back legs. After spending all of his money on vet bills, Jason could not afford a wheelchair for his beloved dog. Luckily, Jason’s friends and family stepped in to help him get a wheelchair for Gunnar. Jason then realized that there might be many other people in his situation, so Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation was born. Jason and Gunnar were chosen as GoFundMe Heroes in April 2017, propelling the foundation into the national spotlight — now the foundation receives multiple requests for help every day. Their goal is to help every animal that is in need of a wheelchair.

Our financial grant will fund animals in shelters or fosters who are in need of a cart. To learn more about this group’s amazing work, visit their official Facebook page by searching for Gunnar's Wheels.
Award given on 07/10/2019

K Kids Dachshund Rescue, Inc.

K Kids Dachshund Rescue, Inc.
Located in Virginia, this all volunteer team is dedicated to finding adopters for dachshunds from shelters and surrendering owners. Each rescued pup is placed into a foster home, given appropriate veterinary care with special attention to any health issues, and evaluated to ensure the best match with their forever home. The rescue group aims to prevent dachshunds from entering the shelter and rescue system altogether. They do this by educating owners on common dachshund health and behavior issues, financial counseling about veterinary expenses, and estate planning in case the dachshund outlives their human.

Our financial grant will go towards medical costs such as dental cleanings, spaying/neutering and various medical procedures. To learn more about rescue, visit
Award given on 07/10/2019

Operation Topcat

Operation Topcat
Formed in 1995, Operation Topcat is an organization that helps stray and feral cats in the North Carolina area. The group recommends and uses the trap/neuter/vaccinate/return strategy for all cats. This means that all cats are spayed, neutered, microchipped and given age appropriate vaccinations. Many cats are good candidates for family life and will be placed for adoption. Those that are unsocialized or feral will be marked for easy identification before being returned to their colony for continued care and feeding by their caretaker. This practice takes great commitment by volunteers and donors, but have been proven to reduce overpopulation while providing humane care for these felines.

Our financial grant will fund the spaying/neutering of cats and kittens in the North Carolina area. To learn more about this organization, visit
Award given on 07/10/2019

Panola County Cat Rescue

Panola County Cat Rescue
This non-profit was founded in Batesville, Mississippi with the mission to reduce the feral, stray and homeless cat population in the area. The group sterilizes and vaccinates adult feral cats that can’t be rehomed as pets. They also find homes for stray cats and kittens that are able to be socialized. The organization’s long-term goal is to open a cat shelter and work with other rescue organizations to grow a network of foster and adoptive homes and to support those devoted individuals who care for feral cat colonies.

Our financial grant will fund spaying/neutering and veterinary costs for animals that are fostered or adopted. To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 07/10/2019

Project POOCH, Inc.

Project POOCH, Inc.
Founded in 1993, Project POOCH pairs incarcerated youth with difficult-to-adopt dogs in Oregon. Guided by professionals, these youth learn to train, groom and find new forever homes for their project dogs. Research shows that the program has had a positive effect on the rehabilitation of both the youth and the dogs, with the youth demonstrating improved behavior and heightened traits such as honesty, empathy and nurturing. Each dog, lead by his handler, must graduate through a series of behavior and canine good manners tests before being adopted into a new home. Project POOCH has helped change the lives of incarcerated youth and saved the lives of many dogs.

Our financial grant will go towards training all dogs to pass the Canine Good Citizen test. The organization also provides the youth involved with additional resources to expand their training abilities. To learn more about this organization, visit
Award given on 07/10/2019

RuffRiders Foundation Inc.

RuffRiders Foundation Inc.
RuffRider’s volunteers transport dogs from overcrowded shelters to other welcoming organizations across the Western U.S. where they’ll have their best chance at finding a forever home. In addition to transportation, RuffRiders advocates for humane education, adoption and fostering. All donations are used to help give dogs a second chance at life.

Our financial grant will help fund a school education program that will teach students all about the pet adoption process. To learn more about this organization, visit
Award given on 04/19/2019

3rd Coast Labrador Rescue

3rd Coast Labrador Rescue
Established in 2015, 3rd Coast Labrador Rescue is a non-profit organization comprised of unpaid volunteers who are dedicated to rescuing, healing and rehoming Labradors and Labrador mixes in Michigan. The vast majority of their dogs come from animal control, nearby shelters or owner surrenders. When they rescue a Lab, the dog enters one of their many foster homes while receiving whatever medical care is needed. Since many of their rescues come from animal control, they must deal with a wide range of extreme health issues stemming from abuse, neglect or accidental injury.

At present, they do not maintain a presence in a dedicated facility, but rather utilize their own private network of foster homes throughout the state of Michigan. Currently, they're working towards expanding their volunteer foster network and hope to establish a fund to use to help offset the significant costs of urgent medical care.

Our financial award was specifically earmarked for to cover veterinary medical costs. To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 04/19/2019

Douglas County Humane Society

Douglas County Humane Society
Partnered with Douglas County Animal Shelter, the Douglas County Humane Society works to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats in their community through outreach, education and by providing veterinary care to animals in need. Since they were founded, their primary goal is to eliminate euthanasia at their local shelter, which they're on the cusp of achieving.

Additionally, they provide assistance to local low-income families through their Pet Pantry, helping people keep and feed their pets during tough economic times. They're also planning to implement a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program to help curb the overpopulation of feral cats in their county.

Our foundation award is allocated towards covering the costs of neuter and spay surgeries for numerous dogs and cats. To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 04/19/2019

Fur Fun Rescue

Fur Fun Rescue
Fur Fun Rescue’s goal is to lower the rate of canine deaths in five-state territory that includes areas of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. By coordinating with local and national transport coordinators, including Pilots N Paws, they transfer dogs from high-kill shelters to welcoming rescue groups.

Since inception, they have increased the number of successful adoptions while fostering alliances with transport groups and veterinary hospitals across the mid-west. They specialize in difficult-to-place dogs, many of whom have urgent medical needs and seniors who have close to no hope of rescue. This year, they are on target to successfully adopt out over 300 dogs!

Our financial award has been allocated to help offset the high costs of veterinary care incurred in rescuing sick and older dogs. To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 04/19/2019

Golden Oldies Cat Rescue

Golden Oldies Cat Rescue
Based in Monterey, California, Golden Oldies Cat Rescue is a resource and advocate for adult cats from Monterey County whose guardians can no longer care for them or who are at-risk in area shelters. Founded in 2016, this group places cats into foster homes while searching for their new forever families. Their motto is “Older Cats, New Beginnings.” Golden Oldies helps cats who have lost everything - their people and their homes.

Golden Oldies is working to build its foster program to expand its reach. In fact, our award to this organization will help them to reach this goal, while the rest of the funding will be allocated to finding forever homes.

To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 04/19/2019

Happy Trails Animal Rescue

Happy Trails Animal Rescue
Happy Trails Animal Rescue is a central Florida rescue group. After years of rescuing dogs in need from local area shelters, they underwent a change in their philosophy ... namely, to devote their energies towards resolving one of the most persistent failures of animal rescue, when adoptive pet parents return dogs due to problem behavior. Simply put, by addressing the problems as soon as possible, perhaps most if not all of their adoptions could be success stories!brbrSoon, they will open a brand new Community Resource Center for dog adopters in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties that will provide free training assistance, educational and youth programs, free vaccine clinics, a pet food pantry, low-cost spay and neuter services, free grooming and other assistance.brbrOur financial award has been allocated to fund additional training scholarships to dogs and families across Central Florida, including free professional training for dogs with behavioral problems stemming from their experiences in high-kill shelters. To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 04/19/2019

One Step Closer Animal Rescue (OSCAR)

One Step Closer Animal Rescue
Headquartered in Sparta, NJ, One Step Closer Animal Rescue (OSCAR) is a non-profit rescue organization that saves dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters where animals are still euthanized due to lack of space. At present, they have working relationships with four different state Animal Control Centers, which is where their rescued dogs and cats originate. They ensure that all the pets in their care receive the proper veterinary attention and vaccinations, and that all are spayed or neutered. Additionally, OSCAR helps the local community with strays, re-homing animals, intake of NJSPCA abuse cases and operate a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program for feral cats. They are strong believers in fostering close ties with the community to benefit animals now and in the future through their outreach education programs.

Our financial award has been allocated to help offset the cost of building repairs to keep their rescues safe and happy as they await adoption. To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 04/19/2019

Paws & Prayers

Paws & Prayers
Founded in 2001, the animal rescuers who formed Paws and Prayers sought to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home forgotten, neglected, or otherwise left-behind pets. They utilize a foster-based rescue system in which every saved pet receives loving care and attention from their dedicated volunteers until the perfect adoptive home can be identified. In its inaugural year, Paws and Prayers saved the lives of 200 dogs and cats. More than 15 years later, their ever-growing base of volunteers and foster homes proudly saves over 1,000 companion animals each year!

In addition to their rescue and rehabilitaion work, they also work to prevent overpopulation through spay/neuter, to educate adopters and our community on pet care and training, and to provide a network of resources for the greater rescuing community.

Our financial award has been allocated to help pay for spay and neuter surgeries for dogs and cats. To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 02/19/2019

TLC Humane Society

TLC Humane Society
Based in the town of Dahlonega, GA, the TLC Humane Society is the only no-kill, non-profit shelter in town. They maintain both a physical shelter facility and a foster-care program. The shelter is nestled on six beautiful acres and aims to find adoptive homes for over 300 dogs and cats this year.

Our award was allocated to help cover the costs of much-needed building repair, to ensure that their rescued dogs and cats have a safe environment while awaiting placement in their forever homes.

To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 02/19/2019

Animal Balance

Animal Balance
This organization's primary focus is on implementing non-lethal overpopulation control on islands all over the world. More than tripling in size in the last 15 years, they've fostered relationships with local NGOs on the islands of Trinidad, Aruba, American Samoa, Saipan, Antigua, Barbuda, as well as the Hawaiian islands of Hawai’i, Maui, Molokai and Kauai. Animal Balance provides basic veterinary care, including spay/neuter, microchipping, vaccinations, parasite treatment and addresses other injuries/conditions as needed for both cats and dogs.

Even though they don’t do adoptions, we recognize the importance of their hard work in keeping overpopulation at bay. Our award was alotted to help cover the costs of their next island spay-and-neuter mission on Kauai. This five-day operation requires loads of planning but organizers hope to perform surgeries at four different temporary clinics with the ultimate goal of spaying/neutering over 2,000 feral cats.

To learn more about this non-profit's important work, visit
Award given on 02/19/2019

Yorkie Rescue of America

Yorkie Rescue of America
Founded in 2011 by Tiffini Cartozian, who turned her passion for Yorkshire Terriers into a mission for good. Since its inception, this breed-specific non-profit rescue has saved the lives of over 400 Yorkies who were in dire straights. While it's certainly easier to adopt out puppies, this organization only provides aid to Yorkies who require extensive medical care and/or intensive rehabilitation. When they take an abandoned Yorkie into their foster network, it's a commitment for the reminder of that dog’s life. If a loving forever home cannot be located, the pups will live within the foster network. At present, they have approximately 40 foster homes with over 70 volunteer caregivers nationwide.

Our Board of Directors salutes this can-do attitude in the face of so much need. Our financial award has been allocated to help offset the costs of veterinary care and to help build awareness for their services across the country.

To learn more about this rescue, visit
Award given on 06/18/2018

ACTion Programs for Animals

Rescue Dog from ACTion Programs for Animals
Located in Las Cruces, NM, this 100-volunteer-strong animal rescue is making a tremendous difference, not only in their local community, but even beyond state lines. Since May of 2012, they have rescued more than 3,500 dogs and cats. Nearly all of those were pulled from a nearby high-kill shelter. They have been able to make such great strides through the tireless work of their committed volunteer network of rescue and foster coordinators and families. They've even managed to hold weekend adoptions to locate loving homes for their rescues quickly and efficiently, all on a shoe-string budget.

Soon, they plan to move into a newly purchased facility that will double their housing capacity, further bolstering their presence in the area as a welcome alternative to municipal shelters. To learn more about their important work, visit
Award given on 06/18/2018

Animal Rescue of Southern Colorado

A rescue dog from Animal Rescue of Southern Colorado
Based in Antonito, CO, this small yet committed animal welfare group focuses their efforts on two pressing needs: one, to house, care for and adopt out neglected and abandoned dogs; and two, to reduce pet overpopulation through spay-neuter services. Now barely into their second year of operation, this hardworking rescue managed to save 74 dogs in their first six months! Their goal - and fervent hope - is to never have to turn away a dog in need.

Our financial grant has been earmarked to help cover the costs of constructing a modern kennel, which will allow them to rescue even more homeless animals. The new kennel will utilize solar panels to provide heat during harsh winters. To learn more about this small rescue, email them directly at
Award given on 06/18/2018

Bounce Animal Rescue

Cute little dog from Bounce Animal Rescue
This foster-based rescue organization is located in beautiful Northern Colorado. Their goal is to grow to the size where they'll be able to rescue unwanted animals from high-kill shelters all over the country, place them with loving fosters and ultimately find them forever homes where they will be loved unconditionally.

Even while they're out there saving lives, they're still focused on the well-being and adoption of unwanted animals. They're committed to building stronger community relationships, investing in technology and fundraising at the grassroots level. Bounce focuses on quality veterinary care, nutrition, spay/neuter programs, training and, of course, adoptions.

To learn more this impressive group, please visit
Award given on 06/18/2018

Boxer Aid and Rescue Coalition, Inc

A white Boxer from Boxer Aid and Rescue Coalition, Inc
Headquartered in Tallahassee, Boxer Aid and Rescue Coalition is a not-for-profit rescue organization that operates a network of volunteers in north Florida and south Georgia. In their decade of operation, these devoted caretakers have helped to rescue and find forever homes for hundreds of Boxers.

Each dog receives medical care, basic training (including a behavioral assessment), a caring foster environment and the promise that they’ll be ultimately be placed in homes where they will be treated "as a member of the family."

Keep an eye on this group, as they plan to expand their organization to help provide care for senior and hospice dogs. To learn more about the exciting world of BARC, visit
Award given on 06/18/2018

Eastern Plains Animal Welfare Alliance

A black and white rescue dog from Eastern Plains Animal Welfare Alliance
Based in Burlington, CO, this small non-profit got its start in 2011 as a TNR program for feral cats. That has now grown to a much larger effort to rescue both cats and dogs, and to help curb overpopulation in their area. In just a few short years, they've achieved great success, altering more than 1,700 animals and vaccinating over 360 feral cats!

A dedicated team of volunteers help with all aspects of the rescue effort. Amazingly, they're able to locate loving homes for their dogs and cats in record time. They're so insistent on matching up prospective pet parents with new intakes that the average wait-time for these creatures just two-to-four weeks before moving from terrible situations and into their forever home.

Our grant will go towards the costs associated with low-cost spay/neuter community clinics or towards the purchase of a high quality shed to safely store their supplies, which has previously been done by their many volunteers. To learn more about what this group has been able to accomplish, visit
Award given on 06/18/2018


a kitten rescue from MeeowzResQ
Located in Orange County, this non-profit, all-volunteer organization is dedicated to the rescue of cats and kittens in Southern California. Every year, they have been able to save more than 2,000 felines! Their kittens are hand-raised in foster homes, and many of those are bottle-fed babies. These kittens grow into sweet and people-oriented cats thanks to the amazing foster care by pet parents who are dedicated to raising and finding good homes for these abused, injured or abandoned cats.

They routinely hold feline adoption events in numerous cities, and operate an extensive foster network spanning even more locations throughout Southern California. Our financial grant will help them to further their mission as their current needs dictate. To learn more about their amazing work, visit
Award given on 06/18/2018

My Second Home Rescue

A brown dog from My Second Home Rescue
Based in Carr, CO, this no-kill organization is on a mission to rescue and re-home stray, neglected and abandoned dogs from high-kill shelters. They believe that all living creatures should be treated with dignity and respect. They provide much needed care, medical attention, microchipping and socialization, all towards their ultimate goal of placing these pups in permanent adoptive homes where they will be loved like family.

At present, they adopt out between 125-150 dogs per year, which is no small feat for a small rescue. They strive to increase public awareness about overpopulation problem and hope to see an end of euthanasia in their area.

Our award was earmarked to help fund heartworm treatments for two very sick dogs. To learn more about their incredible work, visit
Award given on 06/18/2018

New England Society for Abandoned Animals

A cat and kitten from New England Society for Abandoned Animals
Located in Centerville, MA, this non-profit was founded in 2009 to serve the Cape Cod community and surrounding areas. They are one of the few organizations committed to hands-on rescue work in the region, whether those cases stem from neglect, abuse or abandonment cases, to assistance with strays and their TNR program for feral cats.

They take it as their mission to advocate, protect and rescue, using a proactive, humane approach. They are committed to increasing community awareness and creating progressive changes in animal welfare. As a “no-kill” organization, NESAA has a no-exceptions spay/neuter policy ... that notion is at the heart of every program implemented by the organization. They have established relationships with other organizations who serve individuals with disabilities, and these groups routinely help volunteers socialize animals at the shelter.

Our financial award is earmarked for their multiple overpopulation prevention programs, from TNR to low-cost spay/neuter programs for the low-income community. To learn more about this fantastic group, visit
Award given on 06/18/2018

Res-Que, Ltd

A white rescue dog being petted from Res-Que, Ltd
Based in Reno, NV, this non-profit group rescues dogs of all breeds. Res-Que was founded by Rhonda Shafer in 2009, after working as a distributor of dog food and supplies for local rescues. They work extensively with small, outlying shelters to rescue dogs and find them forever homes in both Northern Nevada and California. As their rescues recover from trauma and learn socialization skills, they live with one of the 15 caring families who make up their foster network.

This group works very hard to find the less popular dogs from surrounding shelters where they will likely languish without interest from possible adopters, then place them in nurturing environments where each dog's true personality can finally shine. And their efforts are definitely paying off. In 2016, they were able to provide quality care and adopt out 147 dogs, and last year that number more than doubled to 303 dogs!

Our financial grant will go towards covering the costs of veterinary medical care. To learn more about what they've been able to accomplish, visit
Award given on 04/18/2018

People & Pets Together

A small grey dog from People & Pets Together
Since 2009, this Minneapolis non-profit has worked to prevent the surrender of beloved pets by people who lack the economic resources to care for them. Originally known as The Pet Project, this committed group started after the Great Recession, when they sought to help people in the midst of crisis. They provide food for dogs and cats who live with people on special-income grants (such as food stamps, disability, etc.). At any given time, they serve 300 or more families.

And that's not all. Thanks to the relationships they've cultivated with local vets, they also help by offering reduced-cost veterinary examinations and vaccinations, too!

Our grant was used to help them to increase the amount of safe storage space to stock dog and cat foods. To learn more about this worthwhile endeavor, visit
Award given on 04/18/2018

Paws for Life

 a kitten laying on bed from Paws for Life
Located in Youngsville, NC, this non-profit animal rescue was founded in 2002 to achieve multiple goals, including: the rescue of cats and dogs from rural, high-kill shelters into their foster program; to reduce the number of homeless and neglected animals in the area through their subsidized program, Spay and Neuter in Franklin County (SNIF); and to educate the local community about animal welfare. And they certainly have made great strides, as the euthanasia rate for dogs at the nearby county shelter has dropped nearly 60% in just six years!

Additionally, they provide free or low-cost vouchers for spay/neuter services, have instituted a working cat program and established two Homeless Pet Clubs in local middle schools to educate children about compassion for and care of companion animals.

Our financial award helped defray veterinary expenses and medication. To learn more about this non-profit's work, or to view their dogs and cats available for adoption, visit
Award given on 04/18/2018

Rescues Unlimited

A rescue dog from Rescues Unlimited
Based in Gregory, SD, this non-profit has been in continuous operation since 2004 after they began working for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. What started by rescuing one dog at a time has now blossomed into something extraordinary, as they've managed to save over 3,000 animals since their inception! Their mission is to save neglected, abused and abandoned animals in an area where traditionally these creatures have had to fend for themselves.

While their emphasis is on rescuing dogs, they have also welcomed cats, raccoons, birds, squirrels, turtles and several horses. The vast majority of the animals they rescue are in dire straights, suffering from mange, flea and tick infestations, as well as parvo-distemper diseases. Many have been injured but never received proper medical care. Thankfully, all that changes once they're in the warm embrace of these dedicated rescuers.

Our financial award helped defray veterinary expenses and medication. To learn more about this marvelous non-profit, visit
Award given on 02/18/2018

Paw Warriors, Inc.

a grey and white cat from Paw Warriors, Inc.
Based in Spring Hill, FL, this organization focuses their efforts on saving cats. They've developed a reputation for reliably taking in kitties in any condition. Since 2011, they've managed to save nearly 4,000 cats! What makes this group so unique is the relationship they've developed with the University of Gainesville, working together to help minimize disease outbreaks and to shorten recovery times using cutting-edge science and real-world problem solving.

They are currently seeking to create a small in-house hospital, so that they can treat their feline rescues in a centralized location, allow them to heal and get ready for adoption.

To learn more about this remarkable group and to see the cats currently available for adoption, please visit
Award given on 02/18/2018

BARC Humane Society

Orange and white cat from BARC Humane Society
This non-profit animal rescue and foster organization is made up of a group of community volunteers that rescue abandoned, abused, homeless, neglected and unwanted dogs and cats from high-kill shelters. Once in their capable care, this group provides the animals with medical attention, love and kindness in foster homes until they can be matched with an adoptive family. Additionally, BARC seeks to raise awareness about the plight of these animals by educating the public on topics such as overpopulation, the physical and emotional care of pets, while also promoting the spaying/neutering of dogs and cats.

Our financial award was specifically earmarked for to cover the medical costs of heartworm prevention and treatment. To learn more about this fantastic group, visit
Award given on 01/18/2018

Camp Cocker Rescue

A rescue Cocker Spaniel from Camp Cocker Rescue
Located in Sherman Oaks, CA, this 10-yr-old rescue organization works primary to rescue Cocker Spaniels from high-kill shelters in the greater Los Angeles area. Many of their dogs come with dire medical problems, but the group welcomes them with open arms no matter the extent of the ailment. In the last few years, they've been able to expand their foster network and are working to establish an Emergency Rescue and Rehabilitation Fund for severe medical needs.

Each year, they manage to save more and more dogs of this lovable breed. Our award was used to help offset the costs of medical care for their many adorable rescues.

To learn more about this fantastic group and the amazing work they've been able to accomplish, visit
Award given on 12/17/2017

Humane Society of Ventura County

Small rescue dog from Humane Society of Ventura County
On Dec. 4, 2017, a wildfire broke out in Ventura County, CA. Known as the Thomas Fire, it would grow to be the largest wildfire in recorded California history, destroying hundreds of homes before it spread into Santa Barbara and surrounding counties. At the same time, a massive Pacific storm hit, unleashing flashfloods that killed 17 people. Throughout the ordeal, the Humane Society of Ventura County offered emergency assistance to displaced pets. Our emergency donation was used to help offset the costs of their rescue work during this trying period.

"Words cannot express how grateful we are to you," said Jolene Hoffman, Shelter Director. Adding, "We thank you and appreciate this contribution so much. Your gifts will be used immediately to help us provide the best possible care for these animals and their families."

To learn more about this amazing rescue, visit
Award given on 10/17/2017

Adopt A Golden Birmingham

A Golden Retriever from Adopt A Golden Birmingham
Founded in late 2011, this group began rescuing Golden Retrievers in 2012. Since then, they've adopted out well over 700 dogs! This group is 100% volunteer-driven, doing everything from adoption application reviews to placement, fostering activities, recruiting new foster families, transportation throughout the state, to community and fundraising events and so much more. Everything they do is to help rescue lost, abandoned, abused and unwanted Goldens, provide them with necessary medical care they need and see that they're placed in loving homes.

Our award was used for this year's Night of Golden Opportunities benefit. As per the staff, "Your support enables us to continue our mission of finding safe, loving, lifelong homes for Golden Retrievers ... we are so grateful." To learn more about this dedicated Golden rescue, visit
Award given on 10/17/2017

Helping Hands for Animals

a black cat from Helping Hands for Animals
This all-volunteer organization's primary focus is on the management of feral cats in Pennsylvania. Given their location, they serve diverse communities, such as rural farming and Amish, where feral feline populations are often extensive and difficult to manage. They have their own small veterinary clinic which offers low-cost spaying/neutering, vaccinations and treatments of common general medical problems. Most of their efforts revolve around their TNR program.

Even though they don’t do adoptions, we recognize the importance of their hard work in keeping overpopulation at bay. Our award was alotted to help cover the expense of new traps for their TNR program. To learn more about what they do, visit
Award given on 07/19/2017

All Points West German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

 A dog from All Points West German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue
Based in Colorado, All Points West German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue is a relatively new non-profit that places homeless Pointers and mixes with foster homes until they're matched with their ideal adoptive families. During their first year, they rescued 49 dogs and successfully adopted out 41! There exists a common misconception that Pointers are “good for hunting but not as pets”. Nothing could be further from the truth! Pointers are known to be adoring, affectionate and great family dogs. Because they have been able to achieve so much so quickly, the decision by our non-profit to fund their grant application was an easy one. Thanks to a top-notch foster program and superb veterinary care, our Board of Directors feels confident that All Points West’s vigilant and dedicated team will save countless GSP's. Anyone looking for more information about this amazing rescue can visit their site at
Award given on 02/08/2017

Hoopeston Animal Rescue Team

A happy puppy from Hoopeston Animal Rescue Team
Based in Illinois, this all-volunteer, no-kill organization only began last year and they’re already having an incredibly positive impact on their community. According to their charter, HART is “dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional and medical needs of all local homeless animals”, a claim easily backed up by their record. Amazingly, they have been responsible for reuniting dozens of lost pet kids with their families (46 dogs and 12 cats in 2016 alone!). Hundreds of animals came through their doors last year, and they take enormous pride in the fact that no animal is ever turned away, for any reason. They even operate an open-intake shelter, so they’re on the front lines of all sorts of pet emergencies. Thanks to the superior medical care they provide, some of their patients have made recoveries that are nothing short of miraculous! To see the before-and-after photos, and for more information about their adoptable dogs and cats, visit
Award given on 02/08/2017

Pawsative Tails

A cute white and brown puppy from Pawsative Tails
Pawsitive Tails is a non-profit organization focused on finding forever homes for dog and puppies in Kansas City and Topeka. They are not a traditional shelter organization, but rather a network of foster homes. This all-volunteer organization puts special focus on finding the perfect home for each rescue dog. During their time in foster care, the temporary pet parents closely observe the behaviors and personality traits of the pups. Later, they will use this info to help match prospective adopters with their ideal dog. Another new rescue group, in their first 12 months of operation they took in 379 dogs and 349 were placed in loving homes ... remarkable! And every penny they raise goes directly to the care of their rescues. Our financial award will go towards funding their spay-and-neuter program and to help provide food for the foster pups. For more information about their adoptable dogs, visit
Award given on 02/08/2017

Schnauzer Rescue of Louisiana

A white Schnauzer from Schnauzer Rescue of Louisiana
Based in New Orleans, this foster group has been active since 2003 and was severely impacted by Hurricane Katrina. With a focus on purebred and mixed Schnauzers, this small but dedicated rescue takes in dogs from local shelters and owner surrenders. Many of the pups in their care were made homeless when their caretaker passed away. They have rescued more than 300 Schnauzers since they began operations, and save as many as 38 per year. While some canines require months-long stays due to medical complications, this group attempts to place new rescues in loving homes in just a couple of weeks. Currently, they are working to expand their foster network and to provide rescue services in areas of Louisiana where shelters rely on euthanasia. Now that Schnauzer Rescue has built a reputation for their commitment and superior care, more and more rural areas are looking to them for help in dealing with homeless dogs. For more information about this rescue’s adoptable dogs, visit
Award given on 02/08/2017

West Tennessee Spay Neuter Coalition

2 small dogs from West Tennessee Spay Neuter Coalition
Based in Jackson, this coalition works on multiple fronts to reduce pet overpopulation and to foster a culture of responsibility when it comes to pet parenting. Their primary focus is on providing low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for both dogs and cats in West Tennessee. We’re proud to contribute to this relatively new enterprise, which only began just last fall. While they have performed procedures on cats in feral colonies, the vast majority of their ‘clients’ are dogs and cats who have a home. Based on their research, making alteration surgeries affordable for low-income pet parents will have a dramatic effect in preventing overpopulation, thus reducing incidence of homelessness, neglect and euthanasia. Eventually, they hope to open a spay-neuter clinic, which will help them to make even more of an impact in their community. For more information about this alliance and the work they do, visit
Award given on 10/16/2016

New Kent Humane Society

a rescue dog from New Kent Humane Society New Kent Humane Society New Kent Humane Society
Founded in 2009, this small-town animal rescue works to reduce the growing number of homeless animals. Run entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers, they strive to liberate dogs and cats from the county pound. Their greatest wish is "to reduce the number of animals being euthanized locally". Thanks to their tireless advocacy and a budding network of foster homes, more and more dogs and cats are finding forever homes. In addition to their adoption efforts, this group is also committed to helping lost pet kids be reunited with their families. We support the superheroes of this small community who strive to improve quality of life for so many, especially those who do not have a voice. To learn more, visit
Award given on 10/16/2016

D.R.E.A.M. Dachshund Rescue

a Dachsund rescue dog from D.R.E.A.M. Dachshund Rescue
Serving Atlanta, North Georgia and the Savannah area, this breed-specific rescue is 100% volunteer operated. All of their dogs are temporarily homed in foster care, affording every volunteer ample opportunity to really get to know each foster pup. This hands-on approach can make a huge difference when it comes to matching their personalities with prospective adopters, as it helps to guarantee successful outcomes when their Dachshunds are ultimately placed in their forever homes. To learn more, visit
Award given on 10/16/2016

Greyhound Pets of Greater Orlando

a grehound rescue from Greyhound Pets of Greater Orlando
Originally founded in 1996 as a chapter of the National Greyhound Pets of America, this Orlando-based non-profit has two main goals: to locate loving homes for ex-racing Greyhounds and to educate the public on the merits of adopting this breed. Unlike most of our grant recipients this quarter, this group operates a physical facility, where right now nearly 50 of these elegant creatures are awaiting placement in their forever homes. Another fully volunteer enterprise, this group is proud that all donations go directly to the care of their rescued Greyhounds. The depth of their connection to the breed is evident in their commitment to never turn away a Greyhound due to injury, illness or old age. To learn more, visit
Award given on 10/16/2016

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue

a wgite German Shephard from Southeast German Shepherd Rescue
Founded in 2010 to save German Shepherd Dogs from abuse, abandonment and high-kill shelters, this non-profit organization owes its existence to the compassion and dedication of its volunteers. Their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome this noble breed take place primarily in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, but they provide assistance to rescue efforts throughout the Southeast. Everyone in the organization volunteers their service, doing their utmost to identify and place these social, intelligent and agile creatures in loving homes where they can thrive as loving and loyal family members. To learn more, visit
Award given on 10/16/2016

Lovebugs Rescue

small white dog from Lovebugs Rescue
This non-profit was founded by Heather Peterson in honor of Kaya, a special-needs Chihuahua who was rescued from a high-kill shelter. Located in Southern California, this foster-based rescue has made remarkable progress building relationships with overcrowded animal shelters in the area. Taking homeless pups into foster care not only saves their lives, it undercuts the reliance on euthanasia by other shelters as an acceptable response to overpopulation. Leading by example, their hope is to educate people about the gravity of the issue and how easy it is to make a difference that benefits everyone involved. To learn more, visit
Award given on 10/16/2016

Southwest Metro Animal Rescue & Adoption Society

a rescue dog from Southwest Metro Animal Rescue & Adoption Society
Based in Chaska, MN, this all-volunteer organization has more than 35 years of combined experience in the animal rescue field. One of a growing number of shelter-free charitable groups, this foster home-based organization commits serious time and energy into rescuing abandoned, abused and stray domestic animals. They are passionate about their work, and their mission of caring is clearly born out in the good works they accomplish every day. They have seen firsthand how the bond humans and companion animals share is strengthened through education, whether it's on humane treatment, the vital need for spay/neuter programs or the legal protections afforded animals. To learn more, visit
Award given on 10/16/2016

Southern California German Shepherd Rescue

German Shepard puppy from Southern California German Shepherd Rescue
Founded in August 2006, this amazingly dedicated team of volunteers rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes pet kids all across Southern California. Additionally, they provide veterinary care and spay/neuter surgeries. In the last decade, they have successfully located forever homes for over 900 companion animals. Despite what you might think based on their name, this foster-based rescue saves not just German Shepherd Dogs, but also Great Danes, Poodles, mixed breeds ... even a few cats! To learn more, visit
Award given on 10/21/2015

Poodle and Pooch Rescue

a small dog from Poodle and Pooch Rescue
It is our great pleasure to tell our readers about one of the latest recipients of financial aid from The Dr. Jane Foundation. This month’s featured beneficiary is a committed group of rescuers dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected dogs in Florida.

Founded in 2008, Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a non-profit group with a very specific mission … to rescue as many “leftover” dogs as is possible. Nearly all of their dogs come from local animal control agencies in and around Orlando, where they’ve languished in need of extra-special attention. Once the group identifies such a creature, they set their sights and do not stop until the animal can be taken into their care.

In spite of their few years of operation, they have amassed a huge foster network of 100 homes! It is in these homes where rescued dogs recover from traumas and surgeries. During their stay, foster pet parents invest significant time and energy in training, grooming, socializing and nursing these pups back to health, all to get them ready for adoption.

With our foundation’s grant, they estimate they will be able to save 40 dogs from a variety of distressing situations.
Award given on 10/21/2015

The Dahlonega Lumpkin County Humane Society

a cat from The Dahlonega Lumpkin County Humane Society
Based in the town of Dahlonega, GA, the TLC Humane Society is the only no-kill, non-profit shelter in town. They maintain both a physical shelter facility and a foster-care program. The shelter is nestled on six beautiful acres and features a ‘Puppy Palace’ with room for pups to roam and rest.

TLC has gone from caring for 18 animals to a regular intake of close to 300. The number of successful adoptions has skyrocketed, and now they consistently sustain a 95% adoption rate. In part, this is due to the fact that TLC hosts adoption events almost every weekend!

Our financial award will help cover the costs of a climate-controlled structure for canines. Speaking on behalf of the group, Volunteer Grant Coordinator Dena Maguire Young said that they were "so excited to receive our grant to help provide a warm enclosure for our dogs. Thank you so very much for this special and generous grant. We appreciate all you do for the animals, and for us!"
Award given on 07/15/2015

Second Chance Cocker Rescue

a Cocker Spaniel rescue from Second Chance Cocker Rescue
The Second Chance Cocker Rescue is run by an all-volunteer staff which oversees more than 80 dedicated foster homes. In continuous operation for over 13 years, this committed group works diligently to improve the lives of Cocker Spaniels across the state of California. In any given year, they foster more than 150 dogs and locate forever homes for more than 200. Because they do a marvelous job promoting their favorite breed, the average time a dog remains in foster care prior to adoption is only 30 days!

Their most innovative program is HALO, a safety-net service for canines after the death of their pet parents. Once enrolled, Cocker Spaniels are guaranteed a place in foster care until a new home can be found. Furthermore, this non-profit provides sanctuary homes for elder and chronically ill dogs.

With our financial award, Second Chance hopes to increase the number of rescued dogs by 30%.
Award given on 07/15/2015

Green Lake Area Animal Shelter

A resce dog from Green Lake Area Animal Shelter
The Green Lake Area Animal Shelter is run by a small staff lead by Shelter Manager Janine Rubeck, who oversees more than a dozen dedicated volunteers. In continuous operation since 1993, this committed non-profit group has sought to enhance the lives of both companion animals and people through education, adoption and compassion. Over the years, they've saved more than 12,000 animals!

Green Lake Area Animal Shelter sought financial assistance for its low-cost spay-and-neuter program, which has been integral to the organization's long-running success. They have seen firsthand the positive impact that alteration surgeries have in curbing overpopulation and reducing the number of euthanized animals.

Our non-profit’s grant contributed to the operating fund for this vital program.
Award given on 07/15/2015

New Jersey Aid for Animals

A Rottwieler dog from New Jersey Aid for Animals
New Jersey Aid for Animals, Inc., is a no-kill animal protection charity striving to end the suffering of animals through advocacy, fostering and adoption. In continuous operation for over a decade, this committed non-profit group has fought to improve the lives of dogs, cats and other domestic animals in New Jersey.

This grant recipient has big plans for their financial award. Funds have been allocated to a low-cost veterinary care clinic benefitting low-income families in the Camden City area. Participants will qualify for highly reduced rates for common veterinary procedures. Our donation will specifically make possible flea treatments and necessary vaccines for the low cost of $10 per companion animal.

Additionally, remaining funds were used to cover flea treatments for a group of cats rescued from a hoarding situation. The infestation was so severe that rescuers worried some of the cats might die. However, thanks to our award, these kitties are now flea-free!
Award given on 02/14/2015

Southwest Collie Rescue

A Collie rescue from Southwest Collie Rescue
Founded in 2001, Southwest Collie Rescue has grown to handle incoming dogs from New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Thanks to the working relationships they’ve cultivated with other shelters and rescue groups in this tri-state area, they are able to locate and save collies and Shetland sheepdogs in need.

Completely staffed by volunteers, the daily operations are overseen by regional coordinators based on the goals laid out by the Board of Directors. To date, they have rescued well over 700 collies and shelties!

The grant from The Dr. Jane Foundation made it possible for SWCR to diagnose and treat two very sick collies, Shasta and Cassidy. The remaining funds helped restore to full health a third pup, named Faith, who nearly died from starvation.
Award given on 02/14/2015

Forte Animal Rescue

A black puppy Forte Animal Rescue
Based in Marina del Rey, CA, Forte Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit rescue organization that’s also committed to fighting pet-overpopulation and furthering the understanding of the human-animal bond through educational programs and community activities. For example, they offer a Junior Volunteer Program for local youth in order to help cultivate tomorrow’s responsible community leaders. Since their founding in 2002, this small band of devoted care providers has saved the lives of nearly 700 dogs!

FAR imposes no restrictions on the type of dogs they rescue, and they do whatever it takes to locate forever homes for all of their four-footers. Nothing conveys this sense of utter devotion better than the story of Cruiser, who was saved both by FAR and our grant (read Cruiser’s story here) which helped to cover the costs of eight months of care for Cruiser until he was finally adopted by a caring pet parent.

Our latest grant, in 2015, helped them cover ongoing veterinary expenses for recently rescued pups.
Award given on 10/30/2014

Boxer Aid and Rescue Coalition

A Boxer rescue from Boxer Aid and Rescue Coalition
Headquartered in Tallahassee, Boxer Aid and Rescue Coalition, Inc. (BARC) is a not-for-profit rescue organization that operates a network of volunteers in north Florida and south Georgia. In their decade of operation, these devoted caretakers have helped to rescue and find forever homes for hundreds of Boxers.

Each Boxer receives medical care, basic training (including a behavioral assessment), a caring foster environment and the promise that they’ll be placed in homes where they will be treated ‘as a member of the family’.

"BARC is so grateful for this funding”, said Courtney Reichenbach, president of the rescue. She added, “Dealing with everyday veterinary expenses doesn't leave money left over for fundraising. This grant will allow us to hopefully generate even more income, which will help us pay on outstanding balances and help new dogs coming into the program."
Award given on 10/30/2014

American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue

A rescue dog from American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue
American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue (ABTCR) has placed abandoned coonhounds with foster homes until appropriate adoptive families can be identified.

At any given time, this group provides essential daily care for dozens of Bloodhounds and Coonhounds, covering the costs of all veterinary expenses. They also pay for food costs on behalf of fosterers whenever possible.

Many of these hounds are dropped off at humane societies, or abandoned in the wild, after failing to perform as a hunting dog, often without any training. Irresponsible breeders, out to make a quick buck, may dump entire litters if the dogs aren't purchased according to an accelerated time table. Thanks to ABTCR’s dedicated team, literally hundreds of hounds have been saved from a sad and lonely end, some only days or hours away from euthanasia.

ABTCR used the Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation donation to cover the costs of extensive veterinary care for three of their rescued hounds.

Our latest grant, in 2014, helped them cover the costs of an influx of a high volume of purebred Coonhounds.Since 2004,
Award given on 07/30/2014

All About Dogs Coastal Rescue

A rescue dog from All About Dogs Coastal Rescue
Headquartered in Magnolia Springs, All About Dogs Coastal Rescue is a non-profit organization that operates a network of volunteers. Founded in 2011, this relatively new rescue has already helped hundreds of dogs find forever homes.

While other rescue groups struggle with timely adoptions, this organization averages a fairly short foster period … typically only a month! Each new rescue receives medical care, a temperament evaluation and socialization training prior to adoption. Volunteers provide nurturing environments, working toward the day when these lucky dogs will find their new, permanent home. All About Dogs Coastal Rescue plans to use the financial award given by The Dr. Jane Foundation to cover the costs of veterinary care for several of their dogs.
Award given on 04/14/2014

Monroe County Animal League

A rescue Dog from Monroe County Animal League
Based in Union, WV, Monroe County Animal League is comprised of caring foster parents. In operation since 1990, the small but committed non-profit group is staffed solely by volunteers. MCAL offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to the pets of Monroe County residents. In the last 15 years, they’ve safely transported 4,100 creatures to adoptive homes out-of-state, treated 1,700 dogs and cats, and found local homes for 580 animals. They also work hard on behalf of traditionally hard-to-place dogs, such as seniors, bully breeds and hounds. With educational efforts designed to teach people how to be good guardians of companion animals, MCAL has helped change their community for the better. Our financial assistance was earmarked for spay-and-neuter surgeries for cats belonging to county residents.
Award given on 04/14/2014

Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest

A Greyhound dog from Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest
The mission of the Oregon-headquartered rescue is to find responsible, loving homes for Greyhounds who no longer participate in dog racing or who are simply in need of a good home. Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest prides itself in the fact that no greyhound will be turned away, no matter its condition. All of the rescued canines live in foster homes prior to being made available for adoption. In the last couple of years, they’ve exceeded more than 100 fostered animals annually. With a placement representative assigned to each adoption case, prospective greyhound adopters receive the utmost in service for a smooth transition to pet parenting. Our financial award was earmarked for improvements to the physical facility that houses the dogs prior to entering a foster home.
Award given on 04/14/2014

True Blue Animal Rescue

A tan puppy from True Blue Animal Rescue
In operation since 2004, True Blue Animal Rescue is a Texan non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected and abandoned animals, providing necessary rehabilitation services and locating great new forever homes. True Blue actively promotes spay-and-neuter procedures to put an end to the practice of euthanasia as an acceptable strategy for dealing with unwanted companion animals. They also offer an educational program that teaches children about proper animal care, the importance of developing compassion and empathy for all creatures, and techniques for building their own self-esteem. The award given by Dr. Jane’s Foundation has been allocated to the fund that covers the costs of alteration surgeries.
Award given on 02/13/2014

Dog Town Canine Rescue

A puppy from Dog Town Canine Rescue
Headquartered in the little town of Fallon, Dog Town Canine Rescue is a committed group of rescuers wholly dedicated to alleviating the needless death and suffering of abandoned, abused and neglected dogs on tribal lands in Nevada. Prior to Dog Town Rescue’s existence, euthanasia was a common remedy in this area, not only for pet illness, but for homelessness, too. Thanks to the commitment of this group of volunteers, they’ve placed 161 dogs in forever homes. They fully anticipate a similar number of happy tails in 2014. Working with local American Indian tribes, they’ve started to make a significant difference combating canine overpopulation. The funds given by Dr. Jane’s Foundation went toward covering the costs of alteration surgeries for numerous dogs.
Award given on 02/13/2014

Furry Foster

A rescue event with Furry Foster
Founded by Margaret Choi, Furry Foster's goal is to put a stop to the practice of euthanizing millions of homeless pets every year. Through ardent educational campaigns, they aim to enlist legions of new fosterers. By significantly increasing the number of people willing to foster, stress on traditional shelters can be alleviated and untold numbers of companion animals saved from an untimely fate. Every year approximately 17 million Americans consider adopting a dog or cat but don’t follow through. Reaching out to just a small percentage of this group could result in a massive decrease in the needless killing of pets whose only crime is not having a home. Our grant was used to fund an on-campus event to promote fostering and volunteerism by young adults.
Award given on 11/06/2013

Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue Service, Inc.

A rescue dog from Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue Service, Inc.
Founded in 1992 by a group of self-proclaimed ‘golden enthusiasts’, Golden Retrievers in Need has given over 2,600 displaced pups a second chance at life and a fresh, new start.

This non-profit organization has made it their mission to educate the public on responsible ownership and care while also finding permanent, loving homes for their rescued purebreds.

GRIN was able to use our financial grant to cover some of the costs associated with a very complicated and costly surgery for a spunky, six-month-old pup named Missy. Due to an uncommon genetic defect, Missy’s quality of life was severely restricted and surgery was the key to unlocking a brighter future.
Award given on 11/06/2013

Companion Animal Rescue & Medical Assistance Inc.

A grey striped cat from Companion Animal Rescue & Medical Assistance Inc.
Guided by the belief that ‘there is a home for every animal’, Companion Animal Rescue & Medical Assistance Inc. (CARMA) focuses on making a difference in the lives of abandoned cats and dogs in New Mexico. Since opening in 1999, CARMA has operated as a no-kill rescue organization that has successfully taken in over 4,300 dogs and cats.

CARMA also joins a growing list of volunteer groups that utilize innovative, home-like environments known as catteries. These cage-free shelters provide a warm, nurturing place for companions to stay while they wait to be adopted into forever homes.

To keep up with their expanding rescue efforts, CARMA began construction on a third building and our financial award provided this new site with tiled flooring.
Award given on 08/13/2013

Sierra’s Haven for New & Used Pets

Male American Bulldog Mix Puppy from Sierra’s Haven for New & Used Pets
Male American Bulldog Mix Puppy Located in Portsmouth, OH, Sierra’s Haven for New & Used Pets represents the best available option for their county’s homeless animals. Since opening in 2006, Sierra's Haven has made a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of animals, many of whom were once strays in desperate need of medical attention. Many pets are adopted by low-income families, who only need to cover the minimal $15 adoption fee for cats or a completely voluntary donation for dogs. During the period from 2006 to 2012, their Spay-and-Neuter Program, which is run by their in-house veterinary staff, has achieved outstanding results, performing almost 9,500 procedures on both dogs and cats. Our grant was used to fund three of their innovative programs to improve the lives of homeless pets.
Award given on 08/09/2013

FastFriends Greyhound Adoption

A Greyhound rescue from FastFriends Greyhound Adoption
FastFriends Greyhound Adoption has helped 3,000 pups make the transition from racing careers to lives of companionship.

Located in Los Angeles County, this caring agency maintains a network of foster homes. Almost exclusively, the retired greyhounds all come from one race track in Tijuana, Mexico. Dedicated volunteers put on “Show & Tell” demonstrations to reveal what amazing companions these champions of the track can be.

Most of their funding is spent on veterinary care, medicine and food. Our financial grant helped to cover ongoing medical care for a special four-year-old hound named Randy. After battling a wide range of medical problems, Randy managed to emerge victoriously, and is now a ‘happy, goofy fellow’ who loves to ‘give hugs’.
Award given on 05/09/2013

Spotted Dog Dalmation Rescue

A Dalmation rescue from Spotted Dog Dalmation Rescue
Focused on educating people about the consequences of negative stereotypes, Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue has made it their mission to save and improve the lives of hearing-impaired Dalmatians.

Spanning across six states, this all-volunteer organization believes that hearing-impaired Dalmatians readily take to therapy training and can enrich the lives of people through service. Composed of a network of foster homes, Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue supports their foster families by providing funds to cover veterinary expenses.

Our financial award of $2,000 alleviated some of the financial burden of costly supplies and veterinary services. Specifically, this grant paid for the rescue and veterinary care for a sweet 10-month-old pup named Bandit.
Award given on 05/09/2013

Richardson Rescue

A puppy rescue from Richardson Rescue
For over 13 years, Richardson Rescue has adopted out over 5,000 pets to loving, forever homes. Operating out of York, SC, this non-profit agency is committed to preserving the sanctity of animal life.

This dedicated group operates a low-cost spay-and-neuter program for both dogs and cats. Additionally, they provide this service at a discounted rate, making it affordable for low-income pet parents. Focused on educating the public, pet parents and government agencies about responsible pet stewardship, the volunteers at Richardson Rescue also work diligently to prevent animal neglect and abuse.

Our grant helped further their vital work for their low-cost spay-and-neuter program.
Award given on 03/11/2013

Northland Animal Welfare Society

A dog from Northland Animal Welfare Society
Northland Animal Welfare Society provides essential veterinary care for low-income pet parents. Dedicated to reducing the number of homeless companions, they work to educate Missouri citizens about the humane treatment of animals.

This agency offers alteration surgeries, vaccinations, micro-chipping and nail trimming services for both cats and dogs. Additionally, they assist in connecting local animal groups with individual fosterers to ensure that every animal finds a warm place to call home.

With the help of our financial grant, NAWS was able to purchase a specialized, heated, hydraulic surgery table. Able to accommodate dogs who weigh more than 80 lbs., this top-of-the-line operating table allows NAWS to double the number of procedures they are able to perform.
Award given on 11/07/2012

2012 Disaster Relief Summary

A rescue dog with employees from 2012 Disaster Relief Summary
Part of our commitment at Life’s Abundance is providing financial relief for organizations dealing with emergency situations. Three agencies - Adopt NY, Coalition for Animals and All Breed Rescue & Training - provided essential services in the wake of tragedies caused by two natural disasters.

Impacting New York and New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic storm on record. With the help of Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation, Adopt NY and Coalition for Animals were each given emergency grants of $3,000.

Adopt NY’s goal was to provide shelter and supplies for animals directly affected by the storm’s wrath. Volunteers worked tirelessly to deliver medicine and transport newly homeless companions to safe shelter. Our financial award helped Adopt NY to purchase 14,000 lbs of premium dog food, cat food and cat litter! Coalition for Animals shared their grant with 10 rescue groups, with funds distributed based on the severity each group’s need.

All Breed Rescue and Training provided relief to those impacted by the Colorado Springs Wildfires, with over 35,000 evacuees. The Humane Society was quickly overwhelmed by homeless animals, and ABRT opened their doors and hearts to the overflow. Their converted warehouse turned into a life-saving sanctuary where volunteers worked around the clock. Our grant helped ABRT pay for escalating power bills, transporting companion animals, medical care, food and so much more!
Award given on 11/05/2012

All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue

A Basset Hound from All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue
Since opening its doors in 2001, All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue has made it their mission to help homeless hounds find safe and loving forever homes.

With the goal of improving the lives of canines and their adoptive families, ABCBHR has proudly adopted out almost 800 pups. Thanks to the help of our donors, our financial award helped to provide veterinary care to recently rescued Bassets.

A portion of our grant was dedicated to saving the life of a special eight-year-old hound named Nellie. Freed from an arduous life of continuous breeding, Nellie was successfully rescued from a puppy mill in Ohio.
Award given on 07/30/2012

Stickney's Toy Breed Rescue

A small breed dog from Stickney's Toy Breed Rescue
Mary Stickney operates her small dog rescue organization out of Cortland, Nebraska. Stickney's Toy Breed Rescue saves small dogs that have been emotionally and physically harmed from human greed. She has created this non-profit rescue organization by turning her home that lies on five acres into a life-saving refuge where dogs can have a better start.

Mary investigated the horrors of puppy mills and some unethical practices in the pet industry, and she vowed to make a change. She made it her responsibility to give these small dogs a second chance at life. Mary and her staff offer emergency veterinary care, and her adoption fees are only in place to cover these high expenses.

Mary also makes it a point to save every dog that she can. If the dogs cannot be placed up for adoption then she will have them live with her permanently. Her goal is to find every dog a safe and loving home far from the awful start that they have had to endure.

Our financial award was able to save the lives of ten small dogs who needed extensive medical care, and who are now adoptable and safe!
Award given on 07/30/2012

Save A Kitty

An orange and black kitten from Save A Kitty
Save A Kitty is a donor-supported, non-profit, and no-kill rescue organization located in Los Angeles County, CA. The all-volunteer staff works to save the lives of homeless, abandoned, and abused cats. By creating public awareness, they hope to develop solutions that will prevent overpopulation problems in the near future.

They have developed a unique strategy that is focused on providing constant nurturing, reassurance, and repetitive handling, and this has led them to an exceptional track record for socializing feral kitties. SAK’s expanding facility and small network of foster homes can hold an impressive 65 kitties at a time, and all of these cats live cage-free. Their long term goal is to eventually create a large, no-kill sanctuary.

SAK’s income is generated exclusively through grants and personal donations, and they do not receive any financial aid from the government. As a result, our financial award helped them pay for vet care, medical supplies, food, litter, beds, blankets, toys and more!
Award given on 03/09/2012

Dallas-Ft. Worth Lab Retriever Rescue Club

A Lab pupy from Dallas-Ft. Worth Lab Retriever Rescue Club
Founded in 1997, Dallas Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club is the largest Lab rescue organization in one of America’s largest metropolitan areas. Their volunteer network is comprised of over 130 active participants, who provide transportation, dependable shelter and respectful daily care.

Newly rescued Labs receive a whole host of veterinary treatments, including vaccinations, full health exams, spaying or neutering, nail trimming, heartworm testing and much more. Even though they take in as many Labs as resources allow, they estimate that they are only able to save about half of the purebred Labs roaming the metroplex. In spite of such an uphill battle, they remain wholly committed and enthusiastic about their endeavors.

In addition to saving lives, DFW Lab Rescue educates the public about responsible pet parenting, as well as offering behavioral counseling, obedience training and more.

With the funds we provided, an abandoned litter of puppies suffering from Parvovirus received life-saving veterinary care and made remarkable recoveries.
Award given on 12/21/2011

Going Home Greyhound

A Greyhound rescue dog from Going Home Greyhound
For over 18 years, Going Home Greyhound has successfully placed 2,000 Greyhounds into permanent homes. Located in Wexford,PA, GHG currently has 70 volunteers who connect thousands of dogs with only the best-fitting adoptive parents.

The Greyhounds are fostered directly from racetracks, and most of them have never enjoyed a warm and comforting home.

GHG’s focus is to ease these pups out of their radical racing lifestyle and into a loving and safe companion life. Their Greyhounds usually stay in foster care less than a month before being adopted.

With an onsite canine behaviorist, GHG is able to make the transition process smooth for new parents, and support is offered throughout the Greyhound’s lifetime. The Greyhound Gazette is their newsletter that keeps hundreds of parents in the loop on their current events, Greyhound news, future endeavors, and available pups.

GHG does a wonderful job with their fundraising efforts by holding such events as an annual reunion, a Christmas bazaar, and a spring bath-a-thon. They also have an inspirational initiative that matches veteran pups with human veterans. Our financial award was able to pay for three Greyhounds to be matched with deserving service members for free. The award also covered the costs of vet care for a special canine that needed multiple surgeries.
Award given on 12/12/2011

Noah's Ark Sanctuary

A kitten from Noah's Ark Sanctuary
Headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL, Noah’s Ark Sanctuary for Abandoned and Abused Animals re-homes abandoned pets and strives to curtail pet overpopulation. What began as a husband-and-wife team has now blossomed into a full-time network of dedicated rescue workers. Their efforts have made a significant impact, recognized by both community leaders and governmental agencies.

Staffed only by volunteers, they utilize a TNR strategy to deal ethically with feral cat communities. With their adoption center, opened in 2003, they’re able to meet the daily needs of cats rescued from lives of uncertainty and sickness. In addition to rescuing adoptable cats (and the occasional dog) and managing feral colonies, NAS provides educational outreach to South Florida communities about responsible animal care.

Our grant helped to bolster NAS’s efforts to care for a local feral cat colony. Prior to intervention, there were over 200 malnourished and sickly cats. Thanks to unflagging commitment, it’s now a manageable colony of 70 healthy cats.

Grants also issued in February 2010 and July 2008.
Award given on 09/01/2011

A Tail to Tell

A rescue dog from A Tail to Tell
Based in Lancaster, PA, A Tail to Tell (ATTT) extracts unwanted and retired canines from puppy mills in the Northeastern U.S. Founded by members who trained at Puppy Mill Rescue, an organization recognized for their pioneering work in fighting against the multi-million-dollar industry, ATTT handles every survivor with utmost care, providing a comprehensive medical assessment and any necessary treatments. In addition to bloodwork, vaccines, heartworm tests and dental exams, each canine undergoes an alteration procedure – for many females, spaying ends years of repeated pregnancies during their captivity. In 2004, their first year of operation, ATTT saved the lives of 63 dogs. Their commitment over the years has yielded stunning results, as they rescued nearly ten times that many in 2011!

Our financial award was used to save the lives of Ava Gardner and Maryann, who were “literally just a few days from dying” at the time of their rescue.
Award given on 09/01/2011

Humane Society Pet Rescue FL

A rescue dog from Humane Society Pet Rescue FL
Located in Okeechobee, FL, Humane Society Pet Rescue works to educate the public about the humane treatment of animals and to end the practice of needless euthanasia. This rescue’s dedicated team of volunteers offers guidance regarding training, grooming and feeding, and facilitates low-cost medicines and spay-and-neuter programs.

When funding allows, HSPR provides dog food for folks dealing with financial hardship, as well as temporary shelter for the dogs of families working through the difficult process of home foreclosure.

All of the canines surrendered to HSPR receive necessary medical attention – including alteration surgeries, vaccinations, preventative treatments and more – as well as daily, loving care. Furthermore, they actively work to promote the availability of their dogs in hopes of quickly placing them in good homes.

HSPR is using our grant to renovate their indoor kennels to provide surrended canines a comfortable place to live until they’re adopted.
Award given on 09/01/2011

HART for Animals

A rescue dog from HART for Animals
Founded in 2003, Maryland’s HART for Animals has forged a reputation as a model for compassionate animal rescues. Their volunteers specialize in placing homeless animals from local shelters with foster families until adoptive pet parents can be located. Taking in dogs and cats from other rescues, HART’s volunteers coordinate transfers of animals abandoned in rural areas to more densely populated cities, thereby increasing their chances of successful placement in forever homes. Their low-cost spay/neuter services, offered both to pet parents and other animal rescue groups, further help to reduce the number of homeless animals in Garrett County.

Our financial award will be added to HART’s Building Fund for work on their new adoption center. In the meantime they continue to provide services such as providing dog training classes, rehabilitating injured animals and supporting local efforts to enforce laws protecting pets from cruelty and neglect.
Award given on 09/01/2011

Marion Regional Humane Society

A rescue cat from Marion Regional Humane Society
Some rescues cater to specific breeds of dogs. Others care solely for felines. And then there are those organizations, like the Marion Regional Humane Society, which open their doors and their hearts to animals of all stripes, including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters and more.

Located in Marion, IL, this non-profit organization works closely with the public to reduce pet overpopulation. With limited space for rescued animals, MRHS offers a low-cost spay-and-neuter program and provides pet food to pet parents experiencing financial difficulties. The kindhearted folks of MRHS know the best way to prevent animal abandonment is to keep families together.

While the directors of MRHS currently lease a 2,500-square-foot space, they are actively planning and saving for construction of a new facility for their operations.

The financial assistance we provided helped to cover the costs of veterinary medicines and vaccines, as well as critical repairs and upgrades to their central air system.
Award given on 09/01/2011

Paws South Florida Rescue

A rescue cat from Paws South Florida Rescue
Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Paws South Florida Rescue is a no-kill, all-volunteer, animal-welfare group laboring to put an end to the cycle of feline overpopulation.

Dealing almost exclusively with feral cat communities, PSFR is not a shelter but a close-knit group of volunteers who care for the forgotten. They utilize a TNR strategy, where felines are trapped without injury, neutered or spayed, and released to return to their feral group. With the assistance of veterinarians affiliated with PSFR, feral cat communities are managed according to the guidelines of Alley Cat Allies, a popular feline advocacy organization. Any adults and kittens deemed viable candidates for adoption are live with one of their devoted fosterers until suitable forever homes can be located.

The funds supplied by our foundation award played a role in helping this organization to trap, sterilize and release 116 feral felines, and to rescue and adopt out 15 kittens in 2011.
Award given on 09/01/2011

Cats Exclusive

A rescue cat from Cats Exclusive
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping their South Florida community, both humans and felines alike, Cats Exclusive has been in operation since 1979. They opened the first storefront feline adoption center in Broward County, in 1998. Through this adoption facility, which features sufficient space for the daily care of 60 cats, they have rescued nearly 6,000 cats!

Their Spay/Neuter & Adoption Program (SNAP), created to oversee alteration procedures of homeless felines, has proven highly successful in curbing feline overpopulation in the Greater Miami area.

Cats Exclusive operates a low-cost veterinary clinic which provides a variety of services, such as vaccines, dental care and spaying/neutering. In fact, they’ve performed just over 10,000 procedures and treatments!

Our financial grant helped to cover the costs of Cats Exclusive’s shelter operation during the last four months of 2011, when they took in 115 felines and placed 128 in loving, adoptive homes.
Award given on 06/27/2011

Carolina Boxer Rescue

Carolina Boxers
Headquartered in Hampstead, the Carolina Boxer Rescue is a not-for-profit rescue organization established in October of 2001. In their decade of operation, they have helped to rescue and find forever homes for hundreds of purebred Boxers in North and South Carolina. Liberating Boxers from nearby shelters, they also accept surrenders directly from owners experiencing hardship and welcome strays in any condition. Every Boxer receives a complete physical, immunizations, sterilization, heartworm test and treatment for any illnesses or diseases.

In spite of minimal resources, and thanks to the diligent efforts of a handful of volunteers and a broader network of caring foster parents, CBR has consistently maintained averages of 50-60 adoptions every year. They view their volunteers with utmost appreciation, as they are “by far the most important necessity” for their operation.

CBR used our donation to help cover the costs of veterinary care, including surgeries and especially heartworm treatments.
Award given on 06/27/2011

Humane Society of West Alabama

White cat from Humane Society of West Alabama
Established in 1971, the Humane Society of West Alabama is a no-kill, all-volunteer, non-profit organization utterly dedicated to the dogs and cats in their care. They operate on a spare budget, but never spare on the superior care they provide their rescues. In 2010, they placed 200 pets in new forever homes, in addition to providing support to another hundred animals and families in need.

This Humane Society actively works to improve the quality of lives of dogs and cats throughout Western Alabama, hit hard by tornados in April. Their past experience in locating homes, maintaining lists of lost and found animals, providing vet care to pets in need, and coordinating the activities of the support network of caring individuals helped them to help others post-devastation.

Our financial assistance aided in their efforts to reunite hundreds of people with pets displaced by the storms.
Award given on 06/01/2011

Community Sharing

Dog and cat food in bins from Community Sharing
Founded in late 2004, Community Sharing is a Michigan-based, non-profit, outreach agency that provides food and support to hundreds of families and their companion animals. Their specialized assistance keeps families together by distributing food, veterinary care and pet supplies to people in financial straights.

Overseen by a board of twelve members and operated by a group of over 100 volunteers, Community Sharing gives emergency assistance to over 300 families and more than 1,000 individuals every month. Helping all of their clients rise above their present difficult circumstances and achieve financial independence is the ultimate goal of Community Sharing.

With the funds we awarded to this laudable group of caring individuals, they were able to keep their pet pantry stocked for a full three months, providing 481 families much needed aid. All in all, 612 dogs and 531 cats received not only food and care, but also toys and treats.
Award given on 06/01/2011

Greyhound Angels Adoption

A Greyhound rescue from Greyhound Angels Adoption
Located in Pennsauken, NJ, Greyhound Angels Adoption, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the placement of retired racing greyhounds into loving adoptive forever homes.

With a dedicated 3,200-square-foot facility, they provide a haven for up to 42 Greyhounds at a time. Working with responsible and dedicated professionals inside or associated with the racing industry, Greyhound Angels has been able to place over 1,400 retired greyhounds with adoptive pet parents. Even after adoption, this group offers a safety net of continued support should any problems arise with any of these graceful canines.

This caring group has committed to never refusing a greyhound based upon poor medical condition. They’ve taken in dogs experiencing seizures, blindness, deafness, broken legs, abuse survivors, malnourishment, diabetes and other unfortunate conditions. As a consequence, their veterinary costs are high, which they cover with the help of donations, like the one provided by our foundation.
Award given on 06/01/2011

Domino’s Cat Rescue League

Orange and white kitten from Domino’s Cat Rescue League
Located in Palm City, FL, Domino's Cat Rescue League is devoted entirely to saving homeless cats. Every one of their cats has been saved from abandonment, starvation, accidental injury, cruelty, disease or a combination of these life-threatening challenges. Their no-kill sanctuary offers a cage-free environment where their rescues can recover and ready themselves for adoption with their forever families.

Every year, these committed kitty rescuers redouble their efforts to combat feline overpopulation and homelessness; consequently, they continue to set records for both the numbers of cats spayed and neutered and for their number of successful adoptions. Domino’s is well on their way towards achieving their goal of becoming the premier feline rescue and adoption center in Florida’s Martin County.

With the funds we awarded to this group of dedicated rescuers, Domino’s was able to cover the costs associated with FIV and Feline Leukemia tests for more than fifty cats in their care.
Award given on 05/27/2011

Barks of Love Animal Rescue

A rescue dog from Barks of Love Animal Rescue
Based in Orange County, Barks of Love Animal Rescue’s mission is to work with overpopulated animal shelters across Southern California with the goal of dramatically reducing the number of dogs who are euthanized. They focus on canines who are shunned by prospective pet parents at shelters due to medical conditions and emotional problems. Often, the dogs they rescue are literally minutes away from being put down.

Under the watchful care of a devoted network of foster homes, these pitiable creatures are nursed back to physical health while working through aggression and other issues to become socially well adjusted. Thanks to the persistence of their all-volunteer staff, many of these dogs learn for the first time how to live inside a home as members of a family.

Founded by Ashley Greenspan in 2008, this grassroots organization has accomplished the remarkable feat of guiding nearly 500 dogs from tragedy to triumph.
Award given on 05/27/2011

Angela's Angels Cat Rescue

Grey and orange cat from Angela's Angels Cat Rescue
What began as a personal experience caring for and rescuing sickly and abandoned cats, quickly became Angela's Angels Cat Rescue, no-kill feline rescue in Columbia, North Carolina.

A small organization, their focus is on saving felines from euthanasia at high-kill shelters, while also taking in stray, abandoned and surrendered cats. For many felines classified by some as “unadoptable”, this all-volunteer group represents their only chance of emerging from shelters alive. This rescue makes a lifetime commitment to every rescued cat, and all potential adopters are carefully screened and must agree that their new pet kids will live out their days as indoor creatures. They’ve also implemented a "Cats for Seniors" program, which allows senior citizens to adopt free of charge.

Our award will go towards the purchase of a new building to house special-needs cats with disabilities who require daily medications, prescription diets and daily medical care.
Award given on 02/07/2011

Rainbow Rescues, Inc.

Dog from Rainbow Rescues, Inc.
Founded by a brother and sister duo in 2008, Rainbow Rescues of Chicopee, MA, provides a safe haven for dogs, cats and rabbits. After completing health assessments and any necessary treatments, the O’Briens place their rescues in pre-approved foster homes and work diligently to locate the perfectly matched forever homes. They also devote their time and energies to their community, working to educate the public about animal welfare and other related issues.

In spite of their high level of care, they charge only a minimal adoption fee, to help offset the costs of medical treatments and the provisions needed to outfit their foster homes.

Rainbow Rescue used our foundation award to cover the costs of crates, medicines, specialty foods for pets with allergies, several surgeries, as well as food and toys to help newly adopted companion animals make the transition to their new homes as stress-free as possible.
Award given on 08/13/2010

Paws South Florida Rescue

A kitten from Paws South Florida Rescue
Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Paws South Florida Rescue is a no-kill, all-volunteer, animal-welfare group laboring to put an end to the cycle of feline overpopulation.

Dealing almost exclusively with feral cat communities, PSFR is not a shelter but a close-knit group of volunteers who care for the forgotten. They utilize a TNR strategy, where felines are trapped without injury, neutered or spayed, and released to return to their feral group. With the assistance of veterinarians affiliated with PSFR, feral cat communities are managed according to the guidelines of Alley Cat Allies, a popular feline advocacy organization. Any adults and kittens deemed viable candidates for adoption are live with one of their devoted fosterers until suitable forever homes can be located.

The funds supplied by our 2011 award helped them to trap, sterilize and release 116 feral felines, and to rescue and adopt out 15 kittens in 2011. With our 2012 grant, they exceeded those records, with 148 feral cats treated, 43 kittens rescued and 35 placed in forever homes. Our latest grant, in 2013, helped them achieve more good works, with 192 feral cats treated, 28 kittens rescued and 23 successful adoptions.