Holiday Dog Gift Box

Holiday Dog Gift Box
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  • Full size bag of Freeze Dried Turkey Hearts
  • Full size bag of Turkey & Berry Chewies
  • Can of Pork & Venison Dog Food
  • Celestial squeak toy (toy may vary)
  • $44.75 Retail Value!
Fetch this holiday gift box for dogs and you’ll be rewarded with leaps of joy. This bundle includes a premium selection of our irresistible treats - plus, “Snowy” the Treat Dispenser, a durable, bouncy and holiday-exclusive toy.

The holidays aren’t just for the people in your life anymore. With this gift, your furry friends can celebrate too!

What’s in the box?

  • 5.5 oz. Pork & Apple Sausage Treats
  • 4 oz. Tasty Rewards Nutritional Treats
  • 5 oz. Beef Recipe Snack Sticks
  • “Snowy” the Treat Dispenser
  • $52 retail value for $39
Great treats and dogs. Love the toy
73 days ago
I’m so glad my dog is healthy now. No more diarrhea and bouts of sickness. I have also noticed a big difference on my grooming clients dogs! Let’s get our pets healthy from the inside out!
124 days ago
Nice gift basket :)
773 days ago
Nice gift package for dog lovers :)
841 days ago
Love the toy! It's a perfect mix!
1532 days ago
Wonderful food that my dog loves and begs for daily.
1536 days ago
They are a delightful gift tasty and fun. Our puppies love it
1564 days ago
Love the dog treats and so do my dogs.
2236 days ago
I gave several of these away for Christmas presents. My friends were so delighted and the pups were excited they got a gift! Filled with a great variety of treats and a fun toy to spoil your pups in the best way.
2236 days ago
These make great gifts for any pet lover!
2261 days ago
This was a great deal with all the goodies included. Great for new dog parents, so they can try the products or for dog birthday gifts.
2262 days ago
I get these for several people during each holiday season. I also use them as a hostess gift if the family has a dog. The mug in this one was nice, as was the toy. The treats are great, but not if the dog is grain-free.
2543 days ago
I got this for several dog lovers and their dogs, and it was a hit. Toys and treats for the pooches, and a really nice coffee mug for the humans. I hope to see these around every year.
2606 days ago
Gave these as presents. Doggies were happy.
2871 days ago
Everyone I gave this too last year LOVED it. The box is so handy, the toy is cute, the treats are a healthy, tasty snack for the family dog, and a human member can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while playing with Fido.
2876 days ago
I bought these to give with my puppies that were born around Christmas and had Christmas themed names. The families thought they were great, puppies loved the treats and toys and I liked the idea that the family got a cute mug along with stuff for the puppy. Its a great value and super gift for someone you know has a dog.
2899 days ago
This was a great basket for Christmas giving.
2914 days ago