What We Stand For

Life’s Abundance exists to empower people and pets to live happier and healthier lives. We believe that the products you put in your body, on your body, feed to your pets, and use in your home, matter, and we’re humbled that you trust us with your family's well-being.

Why We’re Different

Our purpose informs everything we do - the products we create, how we bring them to market, how we distribute them, how we treat our employees and how we give back. We take responsibility for every product that bears our name, so we don't develop new products unless we know we can create a better version than what you can find in stores - period.

We Stand Behind our Products

When it comes to your family, your pets, and your home, we keep it real. Real as in premium ingredients, free from anything toxic. Everything from our pet treats and botanically-infused skincare to our nutrient-dense supplements and eco-friendly cleaning products is safe for you, your pets, and the environment. You can rest assured all our products were designed to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

We can't be found in stores - by design

Many companies pride themselves on just making premium products, - we’re not okay with that. Our goal isn’t just to create premium products but to deliver premium products to your door. Selling our products in stores would force us to give up control, so we’ve designed a system that guarantees you their quality and safety by:

  • Keeping them under our care from the time they get manufactured until it gets shipped to you - unlike other companies whose products change hands multiple times.
  • Owning or maintaining and staffing all of our warehouses, so we can control the temperature, humidity, pest control practices, and how long the product is stored before being shipped.
  • Tracking the lot number and expiration date of every product we deliver. We’ve never had a recall, but it's vital that we can reach you quickly if needed through our quick notification system - something brands sold in stores can’t do.
  • Getting your order to you, typically within 1-2 days.

Small but Mighty

Small but Mighty

We know the extra measures we take cost us financially, but we take pride in our quality and safety record and would rather be great than big. That's one reason we were named a Forbes Small Giant in 2019 and are becoming “greater” every day.

We're accountable.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer care, and like our pets, we love human contact. So, unlike most brands, you can reply directly to our emails and you’ll easily find our phone number on our website. In fact, here it is: 877-387-4564. If you call us you’ll speak to a real person - happy to wax poetic about the difference between Porky Puffs and Pork and Apple Sausages.

Giving Back

The Dr. Jane Foundation provides financial support to empower the noble, life-saving efforts of animal rescue groups, where 97% of the money raised goes directly to fund animals in need. The funding comes from a mix of Life’s Abundance profits, employee owners' payroll deductions, and customers who donate at the end of placing their orders. Currently, we support Furry Friends Rescue in Jupiter, Florida, which ensures dogs and cats find forever homes. We not only provide financial support, but our employees volunteer to walk dogs and cuddle cats. We love pets, and so much of our business is centered around pets, that it just feels right for us to give back this way.

Trees For The Future

Our Goal

4 years
1,800 farmers
2,000,000 trees

2,000,000 TREES

You play a role in reaching our goal because we plant a tree every time you purchase a Life’s Abundance skin care product. Trees for the Future focuses on enriching the soil, cleaning the air, creating food security, and eliminating poverty in suffering communities around the world. Our goal is to plant 2,000,000 trees by 2025. That’s approximately 40,000 acres of forest and an untold volume of oxygen you can help put back into the atmosphere. Breathe deep and smile, this is a great way to be an active global citizen.

The trees we planted in just one year will sequester as much carbon as is emitted in 20 years by...

Burning CO2
Driving CO2

We're Employee Owned

Burning CO2

We were founded in 1998, and believe the only way we’ll continue to thrive and be free to pursue our purpose is by doing the opposite of what most profit-driven companies do - stay private. Going public, taking on a partner, or accepting private equity money would mean we’d no longer be able to make decisions in line with our moral compass, and we’re not ok with that. In 2013 we became 100% employee-owned, allowing us to be profitable on our own terms - with the needs of our customers and employees coming first, and to reach our goal of thriving for the next 100 years.

Empowering people to live happier and healthier lives also impacts how we treat our employees - from a great benefits package and 401k to owning stock in the company. Most of our employees work full time because we know how important benefits are to being happy and healthy. Sure, we can make more money by extending our hours but it's important that employees have their weekends to spend with their families and get out of work at a reasonable time to sit around the dinner table or catch a soccer game.

Burning CO2 Sustainability

Burning CO2

The Environment – There’s No Plan B

We’re committed to evergreen and sustainable practices that consider the environment so we can leave a healthy planet for our kids. Because a large portion of our ingredients come from the earth we’re respectful of the resources we use to create, store and ship our products. Practices we’ve put in place to keep the earth green include:

Burning CO2
  • Installing solar panels
  • Using trains vs trucks
  • Reducing bubble wrap for sustainable packaging
  • Using clean labels that wash off bottles and allow them to be recycled
  • Building green and using led lights and motion-activated lights
  • Integrating Smart Watering solutions for our HQ landscaping
  • Installing cutting-edge cooling technology
  • Using high-friction plastic bags not wrapped in additional plastic on pallets
  • Implementing sustainability efforts that make business sense and provide a real impact. For example: not using recyclable dog food bags because it costs more energy to produce a recyclable bag and puts more carbon into the air - so we’d be starting off with an environmental deficit.
Burning CO2

We Get Love Letters Daily

We Get Love Letters Daily

Many of them say, “This is hands down the best I have found”. When you take full responsibility for every product bearing your name, you set yourself apart. In this way, you benefit from something that’s premium, not just passable - something our current customers rave about.